Anil Ambani group rebrands: stocks surge; ad gurus split

DNA, 1st January 2011, Arcopol Chaudhuri MUMBAI

Four years after embarking on a rebranding exercise, the Anil Ambani group has retweaked its masthead, emphasising on 'Reliance' and erasing 'ADAG'.

So, R-ADAG now is just the 'Reliance Group' very similar to the name of elder brother Mukesh's empire. That was enough grist for the stock market mill: talk was this could mean a bigger deal between the brothers, which lifted shares of the group.

"It's possible the market is reading the new branding as reconciliation between the brothers," Jayesh Shroff of SBI Funds Management told Bloomberg.

Sanjay Behl, group head of branding and marketing at the company told newswires it was an attempt to consolidate all companies of the group under a single 'iconic' brand.

Behl told Dow Jones while Reliance Mobile will be called just Reliance, its 3G service will be called Reliance 3G and its GSM service Reliance GSM. Among the bigger brands, BIG TV will become Reliance Digital TV and BIG Pictures will become Reliance Pictures.

But the redesign, by Bonsey Design of Singapore, has experts divided Anand Halve, co-founder, Chlorophyll Brand Consultancy said he is not sure how the logo change will pan out.

Referring to previous incidents of logo changes such as that of Airtel, Godrej, Videocon, he said that branding makeovers are 'very expensive non-exercises'.

"I'd like to know what the new logo means for Reliance, besides a change in visiting cards, office stationery and letterheads. The brand has to change, not the logo alone. For an average Joe buying a Reliance CDMA connection in, say, Kanpur, there is just one company. It's Reliance - he isn't sure and probably doesn't even take sides to choose if it's Anil's or Mukesh's. But it may get the investor community excited."

Halve said there are many family-owned corporate businesses which have strategically retained or changed their name, depending on how profitable group companies were. "Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Electricals, K Raheja Group, Aditya Birla Group are some examples where company nomenclature has been strategically decided."

He said it must have taken a great salesman to make Anil Ambani drop the ADAG from the title of his group.

But Alpana Parida, president of DMA, a strategic branding and design firm feels that the ADAG' tag had diluted the strength of Reliance.

"By dropping it now, Anil is going back to the basics. It makes his group look stronger. It doesn't look like ADAG is something under an umbrella of Reliance. It makes ADAG the umbrella itself. Hence, just the title, Reliance."

Parida also believes there must have been some communication between the two brothers before deriding on the title that was announced on Thursday "Rebranding can often help rejuvenate the group. We did it with Dabur; globally Johnny Walker has also benefited from it. In the case of Reliance, there will be some confusion but the advantage will be Anil Ambani's."

Meanwhile, the group's stocks had a field day: shares of Reliance Communications and Reliance Broadcast Network rose 4.99% each, while Reliance Infrastructure popped 4% on Friday Other listed entities of the group surged between 1.8% and 2.6%.

The group's market capitalisation was up Rs. 3,741 crore to Rs. 113,026 crore on Friday.


HERSHEY’S engaging retail intervention and structure design by DYW

Problem:Hershey’s Syrup, a key brand in the Godrej Hershey Beverages portfolio found its sales stagnating. Research led to insights wherein the most frequent purchases were made by customers using Hershey Syrup with Milk. Taking forward this key learning, the GHL team wanted to design an innovative secondary pack that could communicate and educate the consumer of the alternate ways to use Hershey’s Syrup. Given the internationally standardized design of the primary, which strongly cued dessert topping, it was imperative to design a secondary sleeve that helped dispel its limited dessert topping usage.

Solution:The DYW team in view of the niche market the brand enjoy, designed a structure that helped highlight elements of the iconic form of the primary bottle by designing a sleeve showcased the neck and cap of the bottle. The design of the box was crafted akin to a print ad wherein we used the key message of bringing out exciting opportunities of Milk and Hershey’s Syrup . Appealing images of Hershey recipes were shot and used to highlight the Hershey’s Syrup plus milk wonders. The BOP highlighted simple 3 step recipes with key messages to lure the consumer into trying Hershey Syrup with Milk. The recipe at BOP served as a hook to showcase the simplicity of the process to add Hershey’s Syrup to daily consumption. A special recipe booklet was designed which would be given free with every box.

Achievement:The DYW team, went on to design visibility tools for the new packaging for in store communication which included attractive FSU’s and pillar branding that led consumers to the pack and helped them engage with the all new experience of Hershey’s Syrup.


Pepsico Subh Laabh

The Situation
As non-traditional gifting options are becoming popular, each player is looking to create a brand to differentiate and break clutter. After being present in the gifting market for few years with its beverage range PepsiCo wanted to create a brand which will act as a common promotion platform for its portfolio adding to PepsiCo's equity.

The Task
Objective was to create an umbrella Brand concept which is extendable to gift packs of all beverage brands. The project also entailed structure creation along with graphics that tie in the story of the core concept, festive cues & respective brand essences

DYW Solution
Taking ahead the "Prosperity of Luck" proposition of Diwali we named the gifting brand as "PepsiCo Shubh Laabh" wherein PepsiCo acted as a shadow endorser, and brought alive the proposition through gold coins.
Core concept was integrated to the whole range graphics such that a coherent overarching message of "Prosperity & Luck" was conveyed through each pack over and above the brands festive cues.
In addition to above work we created all POS elements like Trade letter, catalogues,banners, truck back etc, to create awareness for the brand.

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhl:+91 11 26548089
Website :www.dmayellowworks.com

DYW infuses vibrancy & energy to Nestle BarOne's Brand Identity and Packaging graphics

The Situation
The Brand for a long while had been dormant with no media spends or packaging rejuvenations- However when the product formulation was undergoing a change the brand also needed a makeover

The Task
The new positioning for the brand "Kaafi Hai” was to be communicated through the identity & pack graphics

DYW Solution
DYW created a design which was about energy and solidity while being cool-Identity was made stronger to convey the Brand persona and the world it belongs to- Pack graphics were rejuvenated to keep BarOne heritage but category colors were added to infuse vibrancy & energy. The golden Choco-swirl base was created as an ownable property for the brand- Product shot was integrated into the branding innovatively
Overall, a new, contemporary, energetic and definitely more youthful look was created for the brand

Contact: Mumbai: +91-022-40406767 Delhi: +91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com

Celebrating festivals - The Real way!

The Situation
Real is a leader in the fruit Juice and nectar's market and was the first brand to launch gift packs in this category in Northern market and met with reasonable success. To leverage the novelty & variety factor, Real has been rejuvenating their gift packs range every year

The Task
To create gift pack range for Real Juices, integrating festive cues and visual representation of the brand, while communicating the "Health & Goodness" proposition of the product

DYW Solution
DYW extended the "Fruit Wave" brand element on the packs to create designs with "Celebration" & "Ganesha" as core thought. For the Rakshabandhan pack, same Fruit Wave were extended to create a rakhi to cue the specific festival
Overall a seamless Integration between the brand & festive cues with premium imagery for the packs was achieved

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhi:+91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com

Great Gifting by Nestle Selections

The Situation
Chocolate gifting during festive season is considered as a safe gifting
option due to its connect with all age groups and the symbolic "meetha"
value being built into the category
Nestle Selections is one of the major brands in this space and given the
nature of the category, they keep rejuvenating their range to bring in

The Task
Nestle Selections gift pack range to be created such that it carries occasion specific cues. Also should have a premium look and feel to enhance the perceived value of the pack.

DYW Solution
We created a design that communicates festive cues and yet can be extended as a generic non-occasion specific gifting option. Light, ribbon & colors were used to infuse festivity.
Subtle usage of colors cued premiumness and the Chocolate pool was used to add to the appetite appeal

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhi:+91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com

DYW Packaging Structure Innovation creates impact beyond Design for Mortein

The Situation
The electric mosquito repellent category is seeing a lot of packaging innovation from players like Good Knight and All Out. Given the various substrate and structure innovations by these players, the Mortein Electrical pack seemed to be low on premiumness and accessibility cues.

The Task
Innovative packaging structures were to be suggested, keeping the practicality of the Indian retail market distribution in mind, to cue premiumness and enhance size impression for Mortein electrical pack.

DYW Solution
DYW created an own-able structure that is clutter breaking and in keeping with logistical constraints, The structure shape aligned with the key graphic elements and thus enhances the shelf throw as well
Price point for the brand communicated effectively through the header unit, A unique side of pack provides room for additional communication with graphics that draw consumer attention to the new enhanced Mortien, even when stacked flat.

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Website :www.dmayellowworks. com

The 100% Breakfast plan!

The Situation
Tropicana 100% was looking to launch a campaign with the new proposition of "Let's make breakfast 100%". Over and above advertising, the message needed to be conveyed at point of sale through an innovative solution

The Task
To communicate the new proposition "Let's make breakfast 100%" in an engaging manner across Modern Trade outlets keeping other brand guidelines in perspective

DYW Solution
We created a lobby kiosk which integrates the campaign's communication elements in a very subtle and effective manner, while keeping up with the premium imagery of Tropicana 100%. Over and above the graphics and structure design, a complete fabrication and deployment exercise for the same was carried out by DYW across 25 outlets in 6 cities.

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhi:-1-91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com


Why Colour Matters In India

Why Colour Matters in India

Suma Joshi
GM - Marketing - DMA Yellow Works

The ripe purple of a ‘baingan’ ready to be turned into a bharta. A peacock fanning out its lustrous turquoise plumage in anticipation of a thundershower. From a slate gray sky heavy with the promise of the monsoon. A Gujarati Thali, a whole spectrum, with yellow dal, orange aamras, red chhundo, green chutney, pale cream kadhi. The vivid hues of a bandhani dupatta or a Kanjeevaram Sari. Even the Tricolour, our national standard, the Tiranga. Is there any aspect of our country that does not immediately invoke colour?


More of David Covell (Creative Director, JDK) at DMA Yellow Works

Earlier this month, we shared some images from a design workshop that was conducted by David at DMA Yellow works. Here is a video interview with David on design approach and tips for designers.


Puretta Retail FSU designed by DYW featured in Point of Purchase Magazine

Purely Present
Point of Purchase, November 2010, Page 10

Puretta, a new brand in the baby care category from the house of Grasim Industries Ltd. took to retail with this well designed FSU. Made of wood, sunboard and acrylic, the sheer highlight of the FSU is its design and visual appeal. The core proposition of the product being 'Natural Baby Wipes', the FSU has a background print of grey sky with birds and the shelves are shaped to resemble the branches of a tree and the cut out of a small  tweety bird is perched on the top shelf and flowers are placed on different shelves and the colour green gives it a natural look. The header has the brand ambassador's picture with the product and the annoucement of the product.

Each shelf carries a different variant and a creative cutout placed on the shelves talks about the variant. This one was sure a soothing treat to the eyes of the shoppers at Big Bazaar, Mumbai.

For similar retail solutions and FSU designs, contact DMA Yellow Works.
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Website: www.dmayellowworks.com

  1. Puretta Website - http://www.purettasmartmoms.com/
  2. Point of Purchase Magazine - http://www.vjmediaworks.com/PoP/home.html


David Covell (Creative Director, JDK) at DYW

It was our pleasure hosting David Covell, Creative Director of Vemont Based design company - JDK. JDK has been involved with brand and communication design for some of the world best known brands including XBox, Vigin Mobile and Nike.
Our interaction with David Covell allowed us to understand the JDK brand design process. DYW also had the opportunity to share its own design process with David in an effort to identify areas of improvement.
This interaction marks the first of many design exchange programs that we at DMA Yellow Works hope to conduct. Our sincere thanks to David Covell and David Kemp from JDK for making this a reality.



Original Article from Business India - October 31st.

Design contributes great value to business/ was the underlying statement at the Design Link, held recently in Mumbai and organized by the ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) National Design Committee. The meet held that with innovations ruling the marketplace today, along with thriving competition, companies need to realize the value and potential of product design and integrate that into their business models. Speakers from leading business houses, as well as independent design studios demonstrated this by talking about how design can be used as a powerful management tool to create world class brands, products and services.

Until now, design was associated with industries like fashion, apparel, home decor, etc. But its use extends to much more than that; whether it's retail or even real estate. Companies like Titan Industries, Mahindra & Mahindra, Godrej, Asian Paints, Tata Motors, etc, have incorporated product design into their business strategies successfully, showing how it reflects on sales growth and long-term benefits for businesses.

The evening saw presentations ranging from brand building through design, to product engineering and design and even interesting insights on bridging design and business in the workplace. Revathy Kant, design head, Titan Industries, spoke about the growth of Titan Raga as a brand and how, through innovative and trend-setting designs, the brand has seen a growth of over 30 per cent. They now aim to take it further and become a Rs.5,000 crore brand. "Design strategy needs to be aligned with brand strategy. Today, contexts have changed. Design isn't just cosmetic and it can lead to more value creation," she says.

Speaking about business in design, Alpana Parida, president, DMA Yellow Works, Future group, spoke about how design can explode markets and change consumer behavior. She emphasized that we often miss opportunities because we consider design the last factor. "Organizations that don't embrace design will have to work harder to create value," she said.


Astrology Website joins the New Media bandwagon

JagjitUppal.com, an online Atrology site is the latest site out from the digital team at DMA Yellow Works. Promoted by Mr. Jagjit Uppal, a prominent astrologer who grew famous with his programme "Bolen Taarey", on Zee TV in 1992-93. His consulting practise has grown significantly and now reaches international destinations as well.
Image of Jagjit Uppal Website
The key challenge for the DYW Digital Branding team were as follows -
  • Aesthetically make the website more appealing
  • Upgrade the technology to ensure that the website became CSS compliant
  • Ensure that the website was compatible for Search Engine Optimization
  • Link the site to an online transaction engine
Here is a quick look at the before and after -
Website Usability and Task Analysis were used to make the site more organized. The redesign has resulted in increased time on site, greater search engine reach, which has resulted in more than 3000 hits on the day of the launch.

To develop an Astrology website like this, contact DMA Yellow Works.


Advertising has ceased being as effective, and the costs have escalated: Alpana Parida, DMA Yellow Works

From Exchange4Media - Oct 07, 2010

Design and branding firm DMA Yellow Works, part of the Future brand network, has been focusing on creating business solutions through design and branding. The agency has created brand experiences that encompass packaging, retail solutions and communication leading to success at the purchase moment. Alpana Parida, President, DMA-Yellow Works, shares her views on the challenges in coping with the Indian market for design and its vision for DMA in India.

The agency has a roster of blue chip clients such as Dabur, HUL, Heinz India, Air India, Unilever, Godrej, Marico, ITC, Amul, GlaxosmithKlien, Diageo, and UB, among others, creating holistic brand solutions for all.

On tackling conflicting business interests, Parida said, “We have created watertight vertical silos with aligned strategy, creative and marketing teams, who do not work on competing businesses. Additionally, we have elaborate security systems in IT. Also, we typically work on short term projects and ensure that no direct conflict occur for that period.”

Sharing recent developments, Parida said, “We are the only international agency for General Mills US, and now we are starting an exchange programme for design talent with a US based design house. In that regard, we have already recruited an advertising talent from Saatchi & Saatchi, New York.

According to Parida, to get clients to see design solutions as smart marketing solutions gave them the biggest bang for the buck and not just aesthetics. She said, “Advertising has ceased being as effective, and the costs have escalated. There are simple, but very effective design solutions that can create a disproportionate market impact, but still allocate 85 per cent of budgets to ATL and 15 per cent to BTL. Usually, this part of the budget is a footnote, with tactical interventions and no real strategy.”

However, Parida did agree that design industry in India was still seen as only being in packaging design and identity creation. But she asserted that design solutions could encompass everything – from advertising to organisation design.

She further noted that surprisingly, some of the largest and most sophisticated marketers were letting the digital design opportunity go. “Digital design is not just websites and e-mailers, it is also about creating social communities, online review systems and promotional activities that actually drive offline sales,” she stressed.

Commenting on several ad agencies starting their individual design cells within the agency, Parida said, “I am not sure if the best talent goes there. But as per my experience, best talent is still reserved for the 30-second ad film.”

Speaking on the vision for DMA-Yellow Works, Parida stated, “The vision is to become strategic brand partners for all our clients and become the biggest brand solutions firm in the country.”


Thums Up - New Logo

DYW works with India’s largest selling carbonated beverage to reinterpret thunder
The task was to reinforce the brand values and assist the leader in its responsibility to take its consumer ahead in time. Though there wasn't any direct need for a rejuvenation exercise, the brand's leadership thought differently.

On carrying out an audit of the brand, its consumer and communication - DYW discovered the need for a contemporary boldness to enhance the brand’s core value of “more dum/power”.

The solution began by first rejuvenating the brand imagery subtly. Herein the need was to drop any clutter around the logo and provide a stronger and more forceful vocabulary.
What you will see in the market is a shedding of the thunderous shadow (which held it back, rather than propelled it forward), the fine tuning of the hand silhouette (from the workman like to a more youthful and relaxed silhouette) to a refinement of the typeface (from the archaic to the modern and contemporary). The change is also reflected in the baseline and the PVC bottle labels, which build on the masculinity and strength of the brand, making the brand vocabulary clearer, assertive and modern whilst remaining rooted.

This has led the brand's new summer 2009 campaign - supported with a forceful theme and promotion TVCs to achieve even a closer connect with its loyal audience.

Truly a leader taking its consumer ahead in time and consolidating it’s leadership.


Design Dharma & Design Karma

This is my second article under the series titled Design Dharam and Design Karam.In this article I am answering one of the questions which was left unanswered in my previous article.

Question: Does design work as an enabler or a differentiator?

Answer: Let us look at the meaning of enabler; an enabler means that which makes you ‘able’ to do things easier, faster and better. If I want to reach the terrace…a ladder is the enabler.

Let us look at the meaning of differentiator; when we have more than one product/service in the same category, then a need arises to have some differentiation in the product/service that helps the consumer select one product/service over the other.

You walk into any Croma or Vijay sales electronic retail shop where 20 to 30 TV sets are displayed; all of them are plasma flat mountable TV sets; all possible brands are displayed there from Sony to T-series. How does a consumer select one product over the other? There could be various factors like the price of the product, brand, picture quality, EMI facility,warranty promise, guaranty, home service etc. etc… that could motivate one to buy one brand over the other.

Let us imagine, before a consumer takes a final decision he/she has shortlisted two plasma TV set brands; both of which are almost identical (prize, size, quality of picture, warrant, etc) except one thing which is the look, one looks much sleeker and aesthetically better looking than the other. Now tell me which one he/she will finally select? Of course the sleek & better-looking TVset!!!

Many times we choose products/services, which are high on aesthetics, even though they were costlier than their competitors. Somehow aesthetics mesmerizes the logical part of your mind and pushes you to buy; I call this type of buying habit a Aesthetic consumption. Most of us are victims of aesthetic consumption; to justify our habit (which is not justifiable logically) we invent logical reasons to prove that we have bought the right product/service.

Again you Imagine you are standing in front of two plasma TV sets that are almost same in all the promises that they are delivering, now you have to select one over the other, how do you do that? Don’t worry; you will never face that kind of situation, a designer will already have taken care of creating some differences between the product/service from the other product/service.

For instance even though coffee beans are the same, the preparation method is the same, experientially you do have a different experience having coffee at barista and café coffee day.
Think what would be the cause of these two different experiences? Why are they different from one another?

Yes, the differences that you experience between product/service to another product/service is the role of the design thinking, building a strong differentiator that will help us to build a strong brand which can survive and flourish in the ever so crowded market..

It’s not the enabler verses the differentiator; it’s the combination of both. Design thinking encompasses both aspects, a chair made out of bamboo sticks is a good example of design thinking, if there were no design thinking, bamboo sticks would just serve the purpose of being bamboo sticks, isn't it??? YES!!!

Contemplated by Dharam, Edited by Kimberly

If your brand needs design attention, feel free to contact DMA Yellow Works>


Growing Taller ! Complan packaging re-design

Enriched with 23 vital nutrients in balanced proportion Complan is the only nutritional supplement that promises superior height growth in children,it also stands for complete planned food in a drink.


Complan was packaged in a glass bottle for several years, however the tallness of the bottle was the differentiator. Even while the competitors ( Horlicks, Boost , Bournvita) had moved on to softer and lighter mediums like PET bottles, Complan was shelved as bulky big bottle. The action to convert Complan to a friendly and contemporary format was an immediate mandate to DYW.


Study the category and understand the space that would be occupied to place the bottle on a household shelf or a retail shop Develop a structure that would resonate with the brand personality (Extra Growing Power) and create a visual vocabulary for the new packs.


A tall strong structure, which highlighted the growth aspect of the brand (Physical and Mental). A creation of an ergonomic friendly pet Jar and graphics which set the new 'avatar' apart from the competition.

DYW through this engagement captured the Complan brand essence and promise through to market!

Contact:Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 - Delhi:+91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com


The Beauty Challenge - Shahnaz Husain Gold & Diamond Collection


Beautifying Shahnaz Husain products like Herbal, Gold & Diamond were available under one name that was Shahnaz Husain , however none of them had an individual Identity or stood out effectively on the beauty shelf Apart from her signature and photograph, the brand lacked a visual hook.

Beauty being the focus of the brand, DYW created a signature monogram in addition to developing a visual architecture to create a family of premium stand alone products for the portfolio

For similar brand and packaging design solutions contact DMA Yellow Works.

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Prevent, Protect and Cure ! New Nycil Logo and Structures

Nycil is the leader in the Rs.100 Cr prickly heat powder (PHP) market in

The heritage brand has successfully adapted to the changing trends communicating prevention soothing and healing to fight prickly heat.

The Nycil brand needed a strong architecture revolving around the brands essence and positioning, with a vocabulary that bound the entire range, providing strong product differentiation.

The Cool Herbal variant also had to be designed to compete with other cooling PHP with a younger and livelier appeal

To leverage the USP of soothing protection, contemporising the portfolio from the brand identity, mnemonics and overall brand architecture- In addition, complimenting this consumer category with cool and sensual feel from the previous aged cacti and prickly association.

The redesign was hugely successful with an inviting summer feel concept.

The sophistication of the new pack graphics gave the competition a prickly summer welcome. Budget conscious consumers too were lured at calm and refreshing feel of the talc.

Contact: Mumbai + 91-022-40406767 - Delhi: + 91 11 26548089
Website :www.dmayellowworks.com


Shark Tooth - Leading the pack

Diageo's recruiter brand, Shark Tooth which is positioned in the prestige vodka segment
has seen several upheavals in its marketing mix since inception. Recently the brand went for a
complete overhaul with its structure and graphics design.

Shark Tooth intending to carve itself a more definitive space in the prestige white spirits
market. The challenge for DYW was to reposition the brand for the whisky drinkers who were
looking for a change. The consumer currently sees the prestige vodka brands asinterchangeable commodity-like offering.
The goal was to double both the adopters and adorer bases.

Task at hand for DYW was to create a sense of stature, a story,
a myth to belong to by giving the current structure (form and substrate) a fresh look.
Taking inspiration from the confidence and boldness of the consumer and contrasting it to
the sharp taste in the smooth liquid, we created a silhouette to bring out the features
along with the angular broad shoulders to add to the masculinity and elegance of the bottle

In order to bring alive the 'shark' in the Shark Tooth, its ability to camouflage itself seamlessly in its environment and depicting the shark's most visible and attitude-evoking body part we defined the shark fin as an element in the bottle structure.

Thereby, creating a perfect cut across to bring out the force as well as optimized label space.

Contact:+91 -022-40406767
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com


Complan enters Toddler segment with Nutri-Gro

Complan Nutri-gro.

Mothers are always worried about their children’s health and growth during their adolescent stage. They are constantly in search of various food products that suit their children’s taste as well as provide nutrition. Since it’s about their child, mothers would never compromise on the quality and thus look for a trust-worthy option. Complan which already has a strong equity in the market in Nutritional food supplement segment had an opportunity to tap the toddler’s market.

DMA Yellow Works was approached for brand name and identity creation, packaging graphics and structure design.

The objective was to provide a scientifically formulated nutritional food supplement to children of 2+ years in three lovable variants: chocolate, Badam kheer and strawberry.

The challenge was to create a design which had seriousness, maturity, premiumness as well as some kiddy appeal to the graphics.

The Result: The Complan Nutri gro names connotes nutrition for the growing child and the design is well balanced by using gold for premiumness, teddy pictorials for kid appeal and the immunity mnemonic connoting scientific formulation. The mnemonic connotes immunity and vital nutrients such as DHA and milk protein for the child.

For brand identity and structure design, contact DMA Yellow Works.


Nycil extends from Prickly Heat Powder category to Skincare Talc space

Nycil Deo-Fresh

Nycil with more than 40 years of legacy is a market leader in the prickly heat powder category. The brand recently got revamped with new graphics and communication. Considering the equity of the brand and the growing talcum powder space, it was strategically decided to introduce the brand in this segment. Prickly heat powder segment is heavily affected by seasonality and the brand loses its presence in winters and other times except summers.

Hence, DMA Yellow Works was approached to create the brand extension. Nycil Deo-fresh as the name suggests is a fragrant refreshing talcum powder that promises to absorb sweat, fights body odour causing germs and provides de-odorising fragrance.

The objective was to build an imagery of “Summer Skin Health” talcum powder along with being contemporary by way of graphical design as well as structure design.

Our Approach:
We researched and derived design cues, visual hooks, forms, moods, colour codes and shapes by looking at the entire skin care products used ranging from sunscreen lotions, sweat absorbers to deodorants.

The Result:
Nycil Deo Fresh colours and swooshes communicate a refreshing and soothing feeling. The “chakra” mnemonic connotes the efficacy of germ-killing, fighting body odour and overall protection from bacteria. The two variants Aquamarine and Fresh Floral are best explained through distinct colours as well as droplets and floral rendition in the background. The structure has a unique shape showcasing style and modernity. Moreover, it is convenient for the user to hold the bottle because of the grip given on the sides. Inspiration for the slider mechanism is taken from the mobile phone camera slider (usually in Nokia) which is unique as compared to common roller. Overall the pack connotes maturity, modern-ness and effectiveness.

View this product in a television commercial.

For graphic and structure design, contact DMA Yellow Works


Design Dharma & Design Karma - Thought starters on Design

Question1: Why do you become a designer?
Question2: Does design work as an enabler or a differentiator?
Question3: What kind of growth can you see taking place in the field of design in India?

Before I answer the above questions I would like to talk about new things which I have recently contemplated on; that I hope might answer all of the above questions

Look at Plastic Surgery; It’s also a type of design or designing. Many people are opting for plastic surgery with less hesitation; they don’t feel it’s wrong getting the surgery done to get the desired look. It shows that there is an innate need in every one of us to look good; grab others attention. I was thinking if there is anyway to tap that innate need? We all desire a house, car, clothes, hairstyle, etc to look better and better, even cutlery used in the kitchen should be functional as well as aesthetically good looking; isn’t that so?

To produce products or services that are high on functional value and high on aesthetic value, costs a little extra money. That cost needs to be borne by the customer. As and when the economy grows, people will have more money to spend on such products and services. That eventually triggers the positive spiral for designed products and services.

Design is a broad word, in a way this whole existence is a big design, God is the designer. Everything has a reason to its existence in this existing world; it has functional as well as aesthetic value too.

Humans have always believed in modifying nature according to their needs, he/she has certainly been successful in various areas. But still there is a long way to go... Design Plays a Major role in that effort…

Contemplated by Dharam, Edited by Kimberly

Image of Dharam

If your brand needs design attention, feel free to contact DMA Yellow Works>


Myths and Reality at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Myths and Reality at the Bottom of the Pyramid

By Alpana Parida, CEO - DMA Yellow Works

We have a European client who has christened the Indian market as a Bottom of the Pyramid market. Meaning a high volume, low value market. So – they are investing very little in the market, throwing a few products in, with no customization to local tastes, and hoping it sticks. An incredibly wasted opportunity to become relevant in what is one of the largest markets in the world.

This abhorrent phrase always conjures up a vast populace of the low means and even lower spending power.  It has been at least 5-6 years since the late CK Prahlad sexed up this demographic with a tantalizing fortune attached to it. The premise: If bite sized products or services were offered to the largest but the poorest section of population, the overall volumes could be very high, yielding higher absolute profits. Examples of Rs. 2 sachet packs of shampoos, Rs.5 colas, small size toothpastes and soaps – and all similar initiatives of bringing the unit size and price down are considered to be initiatives to capture the bottom of the pyramid.

This is a completely top down view of things and a belief that ‘our’ products and aspirations are the same as that of a very large population – and that they want to be like us. While there is no question about the fortune at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’; there is a missed opportunity by not identifying the products and services that fulfill needs and aspirations – rather than simply being the ‘down-market’ or dumbed down versions of the top and middle of the pyramid products. There are no brand or market solutions here – that can result in tangible results in a new and exciting marketplace.

Being economically poor does not mean being knowledge poor and if offered products that can bring value to their lives, they will, like all consumers see the need. I am aware of no research done by a marketer to identify product opportunities here. Inventions such as floating bicycles – that can cross streams, navigate floods and local terrain with equal ease and are low cost; nano-tech water filters that miraculously transform sludge into crystal clear safe drinking water; terracotta refrigerators that don’t use electricity and cost Rs. 2500; a non-stick pan made of terracotta again at Rs.50 – are all examples of products with tremendous potential that have found no brand exponents with a real will go for this fortune at the BOP.

The micro-finance opportunity has shown the world how empowerment and profits can go together.  Respecting and understanding consumer needs is what successful marketing organizations should do. Sadly, the bottom of the pyramid has remained an ‘us’ and ‘them’ distinction.

We, at DMA Yellow Works – have worked on designing products. While the ubiquitous shampoo sachet is very much a part of what we do, designing a mobile phone for the blind is the sort of work that really gets us going.


Sugar Free Tealite - Diet Ice Tea Packaging Design and Launch

Sugar Free is well known and has a strong equity when it comes to health and low-calories. Sugar Free launched a powder mix iced tea in the market under brand name D Lite but it resulted as a non mover. There were two reasons for the same. One that powder mix format had a low shelf life and hence not profitable considering the supply chain. Secondly D lite was a carbonated drinks brand which was again a non mover because the consumers were moving away from carbonated to non carbonated drinks. The big idea hence was to launch a ready to drink iced tea called Tea Lite which would appeal to the youth and fitness freaks.


Tasty Treat - Packaging Design

Tasty Treat Masti Magic and Ulta Pulta  are the private labels of Food Bazaar and fall under the snacking category.

The packaged snacks category was growing at approximately 25-30 per cent every year. Our challenge for Masti Magic and Ulta Pulta was to create disruption and leverage an entry into a saturated snacking category and induce novelty and excitement in the existing “chipping” scenario.

Considering  our  product  is stacked against the category leader and challengers our focus has been towards engaging the consumer’s palette to the tantalizing and trendy look and feel with a “Bindas Khao” attitude which resonates with our experimentative generation next.

The youthful interpretation and personification of the product has resulted in growth of consumer base and created a sense on ‘binging indulgence’.


Consumer Insights – Online Matrimonial (India)

Online matrimonial market in India has seen a significant growth rate in the past one year. It has opened a new frontier for people to seek alliances globally.

To get an insight into how consumers feel about online matrimonial, respodents are divided into two groups

  1. People who want to get married
  2. People who have already got married.

a) People who want to get married:

Registered on the website –

  1. They are looking for a transition in their life to move from the traditional way of searching for a match to the new way of criteria based search.
  2. In cases were they register on these websites by themselves, respondents prefer to tell their parents only after they find a suitable match since they don’t want their family members to get anxious about it.
  3. In cases where respondents themselves have not registered we have generally seen that father registers for daughter or brother or cousin registers for sister and sister registers for the girl respondents. Basically, some one from the family registers and takes it ahead till some body responds.
  4. In fact most of the time friends register for the respondents since they don’t want to tell their parents or they are scared of their parents.
  5. Few people who do not get the liberty to select their match due to family pattern and traditions, like to experiment and check what is available for them online.
  6. Few feel that if the society is open to a boy girl relationship from the beginning then people will not need such websites as they will have their soul mate with them.
  7. Some say that since they could not get a match easily through offline that’s why they opted to register online.
  8. People who are working and living by themselves away from family tend to believe in these websites since it saves them time and it is according to the current trends.
  9. They do not find the details authentic and that’s the biggest fear that people have.
  10. Some people who have been used to saving money tend to opt for free membership as they are not sure of getting a suitable match and therefore value for money.

Not registered on the website –

  1. They do not believe in online matrimonial.
  2. Family traditions don’t give them the freedom to explore on their own.
  3. They feel that the two families should know each other very well in order for a family bonding.
  4. Online matrimonial is more like a self advertisement.
  5. They prefer to follow their culture and traditions.
  6. They feel that society will not accept an online match.

b) People who have already got married through online website:

  1. They find it less efficient since there are so many profiles to explore.
  2. It saves time since most of the respondents are working and don’t have the patience to go through the offline route.
  3. Most of them tell their parents later on after they have found a match.
  4. They feel that parents are generally concerned about the authenticity of the profiles.
  5. Most of them are living a happy married life.

Consumer Insights Rural V/s Urban:

  1. People from rural India feels that it gives them more options.
  2. They can get some one educated
  3. Since the person is well qualified that’s why the person is registered on the website and may get a decent job and has a good overall personality
  4. People feel it gives them an option to look beyond the limited people they know
  5. Generally they are bounded by the influence of the society, family culture and tradition when it comes to taking independent decisions for choosing their soul mate.
  6. New generation in the rural areas wants to move on from the shackles of superstitions and get into the transition mode.

Thus we can see that online matrimonial is growing in demand, however, the biggest challenge it needs to tackle is authenticity of the profile data.There is need for innovation to design a model that ensures that the profiles are genuine.


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Fairever - Rebranding

Wow ... our design for Fairever recently appeared on television ... great going.

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Airtel: A brand's journey from India to Africa

By Sagar Malviya, March 31, 2010 (Mumbai) - NDTV Profit

For Bharti Airtel, India's largest telecom network provider, crossing boundaries was never that easy, especially in a market where global telecom giants are already spending millions of dollars to create their brand identity.

Bharti's latest acquisiton is not just about adding 42 million subscribers, but it also means transition from a home grown brand into a larger than life global brand. And similar to the Indian market the African continent will have its own challenges.

“There would be challenges which is why Airtel has to make sure it creates their campaign keeping the local touch in mind. It is actually Zain becoming Airtel, so in their rebranding exercise they will have to create a transition with proper connect,” said Ajay Chandwani, director of Percept.

That's exactly how Orange Mumbai was at first rebranded to Hutch and then to Vodafone in the Indian market.

But this time it is a continent with over two dozen countries. And experts feel consumers in Africa might be rigid when it comes to rebranding of consumer products but technology could just pass the test.

It will actually work for Airtel because Indian brand is considered as a foreign brand and African continent is very much like the Indian consumers with different tastes and preferences. So it will be welcome as Indian brands is looked upon by large number of Indian diaspora who are also influencing,” said Rekha Pamani Gulati, Director – International & New Business at DMA Yellow Works.

But the key issue for Bharti is to convince consumers that Zain will remain almost the same only a bit better now.

The company would also hope that Airtel as a brand manages to survive in this continent known to be the land for survivors.

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Pepsi to launch Pepsi Max in India

Softdrik brand Pepsi is planning to launch one of its global brands Pepsi Max to compete with its arch rival Coca-Cola's brand Thums Up.

Pepsi Max, is a low-calorie, sugar-free cola, marketed by Pepsi Co as an alternative to regular Pepsi and Diet Pepsi. However, Pepsi is tight-lipped about the launch.

“We have diet Pepsi but its share size is very small. We can't push the consumers towards it because consumers are not used to the diet concept here,” said Punita Lal, ED, marketing of Pepsi Co.

That's precisely the reason in India Thums Up continues to dominate the over Rs 8000 crore carbonated soft drink market.

While Pepsi is the second largest brand, Sprite from the Coca Cola stable is fast catching up while Coke itself is at the fourth position. Pepsi which has so far restricted itself as a youth brand now wants out to reach out to a wider consumer base.

Though experts feel if they do so its brand identity could be at stake. Pepsi has always been a peppy and youth oriented brand. If it tries to have a masculine image like Thums Up then it could confuse the brand identity,” said Snehasis Bose, VP Strategy at DMA Yellow Works.


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Mother Pious Lady - A book Reading by Santosh Desai

It was an evening to remember. An honor for DMA Yellow Works to host Santosh Desai, columnist, observer and author of the "un-put-down-able" book - Mother Pious Lady - Making Sense of Everyday India.

Aptly put by Paritosh Joshi (who welcomed the author); the book presents palpable glimpses of everyday India woven together as a quilt. Each chapter selected by Santosh had the audience visualizing and roaring with laughter in their seats.

This is a must read for all who wish to laugh at simplest of traits that make us Indians. We at DMA Yellow Works had the good fortune to meet Santosh personally and hear about his motivation and discuss aspects of the book with him.

It will not be long before the "Itch" or the "Scooter" are once again reignited in the minds of Indian readers... and we have this gem of a book and its brilliant author to thank for it.



Creative Melange

A mishmash of design and innovation work. Part of our series to foster creativity and design thinking at DMA Yellow Works.


DMA Yellow Works design wins PFFCA Awards 2010 for Structure & Graphics design for Improved Aesthetics

Brand - Complan Memory

Complan an iconic brand in India is popularly known for "Physical Growth Achievement" amongst kids. It is considered as a Gold Standard in Nutrition by mothers and medical fraternity both. Complan has always looked for ways to improve the physical growth of children through innovation in taste, introducing new flavors and improving the packaging for compelling communication and because of its successful endeavors in the past was awarded the Superbrand Award in 2005.

Today Complan has embarked on a new journey and extended its franchise from a mere physical growth catalyst to a Memory Booster. In today's time parents and kids are under tremendous pressure to perform and deliver results. While mothers are constantly challenged in nurturing and taking care of the family, kids on the other hand are facing the challenge of coping up with peer pressure and studies. In a research conducted amongst kids, failure to memorize everything and the ability to remember them at crucial points (exams/tests) emerged as the biggest concern, both for kids and parents. Both the factors effect the performance and the results.

Complan identified this need and introduced Complan Memory which is fortified with 5 Brain Chargers that increase the brain power in kids. Now kids can have Complan Memory and enhance their ability to absorb more knowledge and also recollect them when needed. Complan has always maintained its essence in providing a solid foundation for growing kids and now it dutifully prepares them for the future with greater intelligence and superiority.

Complan Memory has been awarded the PFFCA (Paper, Film & Foil Convertors Association) Award for "Heat Shrink label for rectangular big jars" in the category of "Structure & Graphics design for Improved Aesthetics". The Design has been developed by DMA YELLOW WORKS.