Astrology Website joins the New Media bandwagon

JagjitUppal.com, an online Atrology site is the latest site out from the digital team at DMA Yellow Works. Promoted by Mr. Jagjit Uppal, a prominent astrologer who grew famous with his programme "Bolen Taarey", on Zee TV in 1992-93. His consulting practise has grown significantly and now reaches international destinations as well.
Image of Jagjit Uppal Website
The key challenge for the DYW Digital Branding team were as follows -
  • Aesthetically make the website more appealing
  • Upgrade the technology to ensure that the website became CSS compliant
  • Ensure that the website was compatible for Search Engine Optimization
  • Link the site to an online transaction engine
Here is a quick look at the before and after -
Website Usability and Task Analysis were used to make the site more organized. The redesign has resulted in increased time on site, greater search engine reach, which has resulted in more than 3000 hits on the day of the launch.

To develop an Astrology website like this, contact DMA Yellow Works.

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