Enlightening Encept

This past weekend we decided to enhance our knowledge bank and visit the printing and production facilities at Encept and Accuprint. 

Below is our team’s take away from this visit.

"Take a Print. This is what we all say and do in our day to day lives. The fate of a designer and his designs depends solely on one word - PRINTING. We may produce the best of designs, using the best of ideas, but it all boils down to how's it going to turn out when printed. Offset or rotogravure, Four Color or 8. These and many such challenges confront us on a daily basis.

The Printing Process
Our visit to Encept Premedia (Vashi) turned out to be the perfect answer. The key members there gave us an insight into how they as an organization make the collaboration between the agency/brand and the printer seamless and convenient. The services that they offer seem to resonate with the daily requirements of a designer. From fetching the right printer for your design & printing requirements to sample making, adaptations and proofing. The most important point to be noted here was that they create a repository of printers for future reference, so that a pack printed 5 years later from another printer would still be close to the original. Also what was interesting was that one of the key members gave us a little insight into how colour frequency is measured and the way it is translated into vibrations which are used to etch the cylinders used for printing. We discovered that Encept has already partnered on a few projects with DY Works, and it was great to see the kind of quality that they reproduced.