Premium sachet collection in the techno world of Clear Shampoo

Brand Task:
To redesign sachets for Clear making it premium, contemporary and sleek, in line with the new bottle designs. The new bottle design apparently, is a clear winner as per the research for the global re-launch.
It has to be ensured that the sachets have a futuristic look and good shelf throw which is currently missing ,with respect to the bottle and design adaptation
Brand Solution:
DY Works suggested a clutter breaking square structure which would help the sachet position itself differently from the others in the category
DY Works used the mnemonic and the bands as per the bottles but gave it a distinct identity of its own which ensured the required impact without losing the brand architecture
The design was done ensuring that sachet was in line with the bottles in terms of appearance and perception being technologically advanced, up-market and sophisticated with a touch of elegance
The BOP was also developed with great precision and emphasis was on laying out all the content systematically The variants can be identified with the different colored mnemonic


Creating the Green Tea World For Taj

 Brand Task:
There is the new boom in the market for the Green Tea category .Wanting to captivate on the opportunity The Taj team wanted to come up with its own Green Tea range.
The brand wanted to create a space for itself in the lifestyle space rather than in the health zone. The Taj green needed a new fresh look but had to be well aligned to the existing Taj architecture.

Brand Solution:
DY Works studied the Green Tea category extensively to pick the right lifestyle cues which have been interpreted on the pack via the ingredient and origin shots which are the main design elements driving the pack.
The visuals used to connote the variants of green tea were very well thought through and articulated in terms of aesthetics and simple interpretation.
We designed the pack on the lines of the Taj architecture maintaining delicacy and finesses via the Taj motifs and visual imagery.
The pack has been designed with a lot of aesthetic and sophistication value while keeping it flexible for extension to other variants within the category in the future.
The BOP has a very elegant touch to it, by the motifs and other design essence and  maintaining the consistency with the FOP.


Power of 100 lemons lead to one clean swoosh

Brand Task:
A re-launch after 5 years for Vim bar by offering a strong consumer proposition of Faster Degreasing with the existing technology/formula.
Boost the product through more authoritative packaging graphics which communicate the proposition to the consumers

Brand Solution:
We revived the branding logo and extended the unit of single lime to a row of stacked limes, depicting the empowered impact of lime
The impactful swoosh further enforced by the power of lime portrayed through the strong rays of lime entering the vessel & acting as the most impactful degreasing ingredient.
The potent swoosh connoting the cleaning power of the brand in just one stroke with no efforts and consuming the least amount of time.
We have used  fresher and more vibrant greens (color) as compared to the current pack going under re-designing as the entire pack, right from visuals to color to text needs to be extremely obtrude and power driven.


Drunk with numbers

A compilation of brands using numbers as part of their name or visual identity.

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