Anil Ambani group rebrands: stocks surge; ad gurus split

DNA, 1st January 2011, Arcopol Chaudhuri MUMBAI

Four years after embarking on a rebranding exercise, the Anil Ambani group has retweaked its masthead, emphasising on 'Reliance' and erasing 'ADAG'.

So, R-ADAG now is just the 'Reliance Group' very similar to the name of elder brother Mukesh's empire. That was enough grist for the stock market mill: talk was this could mean a bigger deal between the brothers, which lifted shares of the group.

"It's possible the market is reading the new branding as reconciliation between the brothers," Jayesh Shroff of SBI Funds Management told Bloomberg.

Sanjay Behl, group head of branding and marketing at the company told newswires it was an attempt to consolidate all companies of the group under a single 'iconic' brand.

Behl told Dow Jones while Reliance Mobile will be called just Reliance, its 3G service will be called Reliance 3G and its GSM service Reliance GSM. Among the bigger brands, BIG TV will become Reliance Digital TV and BIG Pictures will become Reliance Pictures.

But the redesign, by Bonsey Design of Singapore, has experts divided Anand Halve, co-founder, Chlorophyll Brand Consultancy said he is not sure how the logo change will pan out.

Referring to previous incidents of logo changes such as that of Airtel, Godrej, Videocon, he said that branding makeovers are 'very expensive non-exercises'.

"I'd like to know what the new logo means for Reliance, besides a change in visiting cards, office stationery and letterheads. The brand has to change, not the logo alone. For an average Joe buying a Reliance CDMA connection in, say, Kanpur, there is just one company. It's Reliance - he isn't sure and probably doesn't even take sides to choose if it's Anil's or Mukesh's. But it may get the investor community excited."

Halve said there are many family-owned corporate businesses which have strategically retained or changed their name, depending on how profitable group companies were. "Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Electricals, K Raheja Group, Aditya Birla Group are some examples where company nomenclature has been strategically decided."

He said it must have taken a great salesman to make Anil Ambani drop the ADAG from the title of his group.

But Alpana Parida, president of DMA, a strategic branding and design firm feels that the ADAG' tag had diluted the strength of Reliance.

"By dropping it now, Anil is going back to the basics. It makes his group look stronger. It doesn't look like ADAG is something under an umbrella of Reliance. It makes ADAG the umbrella itself. Hence, just the title, Reliance."

Parida also believes there must have been some communication between the two brothers before deriding on the title that was announced on Thursday "Rebranding can often help rejuvenate the group. We did it with Dabur; globally Johnny Walker has also benefited from it. In the case of Reliance, there will be some confusion but the advantage will be Anil Ambani's."

Meanwhile, the group's stocks had a field day: shares of Reliance Communications and Reliance Broadcast Network rose 4.99% each, while Reliance Infrastructure popped 4% on Friday Other listed entities of the group surged between 1.8% and 2.6%.

The group's market capitalisation was up Rs. 3,741 crore to Rs. 113,026 crore on Friday.


HERSHEY’S engaging retail intervention and structure design by DYW

Problem:Hershey’s Syrup, a key brand in the Godrej Hershey Beverages portfolio found its sales stagnating. Research led to insights wherein the most frequent purchases were made by customers using Hershey Syrup with Milk. Taking forward this key learning, the GHL team wanted to design an innovative secondary pack that could communicate and educate the consumer of the alternate ways to use Hershey’s Syrup. Given the internationally standardized design of the primary, which strongly cued dessert topping, it was imperative to design a secondary sleeve that helped dispel its limited dessert topping usage.

Solution:The DYW team in view of the niche market the brand enjoy, designed a structure that helped highlight elements of the iconic form of the primary bottle by designing a sleeve showcased the neck and cap of the bottle. The design of the box was crafted akin to a print ad wherein we used the key message of bringing out exciting opportunities of Milk and Hershey’s Syrup . Appealing images of Hershey recipes were shot and used to highlight the Hershey’s Syrup plus milk wonders. The BOP highlighted simple 3 step recipes with key messages to lure the consumer into trying Hershey Syrup with Milk. The recipe at BOP served as a hook to showcase the simplicity of the process to add Hershey’s Syrup to daily consumption. A special recipe booklet was designed which would be given free with every box.

Achievement:The DYW team, went on to design visibility tools for the new packaging for in store communication which included attractive FSU’s and pillar branding that led consumers to the pack and helped them engage with the all new experience of Hershey’s Syrup.


Pepsico Subh Laabh

The Situation
As non-traditional gifting options are becoming popular, each player is looking to create a brand to differentiate and break clutter. After being present in the gifting market for few years with its beverage range PepsiCo wanted to create a brand which will act as a common promotion platform for its portfolio adding to PepsiCo's equity.

The Task
Objective was to create an umbrella Brand concept which is extendable to gift packs of all beverage brands. The project also entailed structure creation along with graphics that tie in the story of the core concept, festive cues & respective brand essences

DYW Solution
Taking ahead the "Prosperity of Luck" proposition of Diwali we named the gifting brand as "PepsiCo Shubh Laabh" wherein PepsiCo acted as a shadow endorser, and brought alive the proposition through gold coins.
Core concept was integrated to the whole range graphics such that a coherent overarching message of "Prosperity & Luck" was conveyed through each pack over and above the brands festive cues.
In addition to above work we created all POS elements like Trade letter, catalogues,banners, truck back etc, to create awareness for the brand.

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhl:+91 11 26548089
Website :www.dmayellowworks.com

DYW infuses vibrancy & energy to Nestle BarOne's Brand Identity and Packaging graphics

The Situation
The Brand for a long while had been dormant with no media spends or packaging rejuvenations- However when the product formulation was undergoing a change the brand also needed a makeover

The Task
The new positioning for the brand "Kaafi Hai” was to be communicated through the identity & pack graphics

DYW Solution
DYW created a design which was about energy and solidity while being cool-Identity was made stronger to convey the Brand persona and the world it belongs to- Pack graphics were rejuvenated to keep BarOne heritage but category colors were added to infuse vibrancy & energy. The golden Choco-swirl base was created as an ownable property for the brand- Product shot was integrated into the branding innovatively
Overall, a new, contemporary, energetic and definitely more youthful look was created for the brand

Contact: Mumbai: +91-022-40406767 Delhi: +91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com

Celebrating festivals - The Real way!

The Situation
Real is a leader in the fruit Juice and nectar's market and was the first brand to launch gift packs in this category in Northern market and met with reasonable success. To leverage the novelty & variety factor, Real has been rejuvenating their gift packs range every year

The Task
To create gift pack range for Real Juices, integrating festive cues and visual representation of the brand, while communicating the "Health & Goodness" proposition of the product

DYW Solution
DYW extended the "Fruit Wave" brand element on the packs to create designs with "Celebration" & "Ganesha" as core thought. For the Rakshabandhan pack, same Fruit Wave were extended to create a rakhi to cue the specific festival
Overall a seamless Integration between the brand & festive cues with premium imagery for the packs was achieved

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhi:+91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com

Great Gifting by Nestle Selections

The Situation
Chocolate gifting during festive season is considered as a safe gifting
option due to its connect with all age groups and the symbolic "meetha"
value being built into the category
Nestle Selections is one of the major brands in this space and given the
nature of the category, they keep rejuvenating their range to bring in

The Task
Nestle Selections gift pack range to be created such that it carries occasion specific cues. Also should have a premium look and feel to enhance the perceived value of the pack.

DYW Solution
We created a design that communicates festive cues and yet can be extended as a generic non-occasion specific gifting option. Light, ribbon & colors were used to infuse festivity.
Subtle usage of colors cued premiumness and the Chocolate pool was used to add to the appetite appeal

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhi:+91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com

DYW Packaging Structure Innovation creates impact beyond Design for Mortein

The Situation
The electric mosquito repellent category is seeing a lot of packaging innovation from players like Good Knight and All Out. Given the various substrate and structure innovations by these players, the Mortein Electrical pack seemed to be low on premiumness and accessibility cues.

The Task
Innovative packaging structures were to be suggested, keeping the practicality of the Indian retail market distribution in mind, to cue premiumness and enhance size impression for Mortein electrical pack.

DYW Solution
DYW created an own-able structure that is clutter breaking and in keeping with logistical constraints, The structure shape aligned with the key graphic elements and thus enhances the shelf throw as well
Price point for the brand communicated effectively through the header unit, A unique side of pack provides room for additional communication with graphics that draw consumer attention to the new enhanced Mortien, even when stacked flat.

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhi:+91 11 26548099
Website :www.dmayellowworks. com

The 100% Breakfast plan!

The Situation
Tropicana 100% was looking to launch a campaign with the new proposition of "Let's make breakfast 100%". Over and above advertising, the message needed to be conveyed at point of sale through an innovative solution

The Task
To communicate the new proposition "Let's make breakfast 100%" in an engaging manner across Modern Trade outlets keeping other brand guidelines in perspective

DYW Solution
We created a lobby kiosk which integrates the campaign's communication elements in a very subtle and effective manner, while keeping up with the premium imagery of Tropicana 100%. Over and above the graphics and structure design, a complete fabrication and deployment exercise for the same was carried out by DYW across 25 outlets in 6 cities.

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhi:-1-91 11 26548089
Website: www.dmayellowworks.com