D(id) Y(ou) Work?

After brilliant posts by two awesome people I got to meet during the internship, I guess it would be difficult for this quiet guy to live up to the reputation. But I guess I will give it a try…

From almost an all boys engineering college to a geek’s paradise tech consulting firm to the fast paced world of a management institute, everything till now for me had been different in its own way. But this internship stint
has been completely different from any of the other experiences.

Firstly, embarrassed to admit, but yes, I had never been around so many women before. Probably that is the reason I came around to be a bit shy.

Secondly, the energy this place possesses is amazing. Frequent meetings, long hours, foosball matches, evening snacks, yoga, Friday talks and I guess the list is endless of the things people here are so enthusiastic
about. The attention to detail in each and every client presentation and design just blows your mind off. I
remember witnessing the presentation of the strategy team on my first day and this time I am not embarrassed to admit I had goose bumps. And the wealth of knowledge on the subject is truly remarkable.  It was always a pleasure to hear people speak about their work and their experience in the field. All of it shows the passion people at DY Works have for the work they are doing and it is definitely worth getting inspired by.

The best part, however, has been that all this happens in an environment that is nothing but fun. And fun is what we had, all three of us – marketing and strategy interns. Food, as it always is when I am around, has been central to all this. We explored almost all options around NextGen and we definitely found our favourites. Smiti found the love of her life in the Blueberry Cheesecake, Swati found plenty of places to keep her ‘spirits’ up and I just gorged upon anything and everything that was there in front of me.

Two months in 107 and B2 have definitely been well spent. Placi, we would trouble you no more to open the door for us.

Piyush Gulati
Intern, Strategy


Somebody Open The Door Please

Note: This is a long post, so please be comfortably seated with Shantaramji’s chai.

Picture this. While most of your college mates have chosen their line of interest for their internship or have been picked up by companies, you are still sitting wide-eyed waiting for that one perfect opportunity to come by.

As I filtered the so-called ‘media contacts’, there popped a mail informing us about an internship opportunity at DY Works. I quickly clicked on the company’s link and just like that the website slowly started filling in all the gaps that had puzzled my choices. It felt like that moment when everything suddenly seems clear and you feel that you could fit right in as an intern here.

Let me also state that I selfishly hoped that I get through, for there were definitely some really strong candidates who too wanted to be here writing this (this, I can vouch for). As I entered the new workplace of two months, I found a few strong characteristics – the people (coming in everyday full of energy, confidence and new ideas), the positive vibe around the place and most importantly, a very deep rooted process that may look all mixed up from the top but as you dig deeper into a project you see it all form a pattern that makes this place unique according to me.

Everyday brought in something different and that’s what excited me so much about DY Works. So much that I probably have a track record of reaching really early almost every day!
 Add to that the magic of giving the simplest products (from big names) meaningful and beautiful packaging; working on projects like the creation of a milk brand which included a trip to Pune for a recce made me realize the passion with which the creative and marketing teams work at DY Works. Coming from a college where we speak about brands and their communication 24 by 7, it was really great to see how all the aspects of a brand’s communication come together!

 The fun aspects were not far either like helping with a chips project, the daily foosball games, the most daunting task of the day - picking the perfect lunch place with Piyush (the smart quiet one) and Smiti (the kiddo- don’t kill me ok. You’re cute!), prying about the evening snacks,the Monday massages (I’m going to miss them so bad), the yoga sessions where you can actually hear every muscle in your body thanking you and the Friday Talks that were extremely diverse and fascinating.

Work can be made enjoyable when you have a great team like the ROI where you get to learn about DY Work’s culture from the bubbly Tulika, receive suggestions and insights that I would have never thought of from Lakshmi, Neeraj and Apeksha and spend hours talking about brands with Shraddha, the whole team made me feel like a part of their small family. 

I’ve cherished every moment here and as for the learning – it’s all safely preserved, armed and confident for whatever the future brings.

Intern, ROI


It's Hard To Say Noooooooooo…………

I just keeping wondering, what is the pleasure that one get when they are addicted towards bad habits.
Bad habits which may be anything that harms you from the inside and the effects of which are seen on the outside. Thinking about it gives me a pinch deep down in my heart.

What is it that gives one a pleasure to ruin one self without giving a single thought to the future frame?
Why is it that one does not realize the long long way that one has to travel in their journey of life...

How beautiful it would have been if everyone lived with positive thoughts and enjoyed life to the fullest.
Enjoying life to fullest does not mean taking pleasure in limited things but exploring yourself to the beauty of nature.
Every little thing is unique and in the class of its own but provided one realizes the same.

Bad (habits) are welcomed easily in life but to develop some good habits or accept something good in life needs courage, therefore I say……
                                                It's Hard To Say...

Placida Dsouza
Manager Administration
DY Works


To New Beginnings...

Since the 29th of April, we at DY Works have a new home at B 002, Marathon Innova and we bid adieu to 107 Sunmill Compund.

In every culture in the world, the moving to a new place is a celebration. It is symbolic of leaving our past and being able to start afresh. 
I cannot resist deconstructing NEW semiotically. NEW means it is unused. When something is used, it has the wear and tear of the user. Much like the shoe heels that start wearing out - displaying the gait of the wearer, old things bear the impression of old patterns.

When things are new - you are free to create new patterns and new grooves. And it is this opportunity to break from a predestined orbit to being able to chart a new course that makes the NEW so celebratory. Unlike old hand-me-down clothes where you have to fit into someone else's shoes literally and figuratively - the NEW recognizes you as worthy of the pristine. When resources are scarce, only the deserving get the NEW. The rest get the used.

The opposite of NEW is old. Old takes one towards death and decay. NEW is spring - when flowers bloom and our powers are at our peak. NEW is adventure. NEW is beginnings. NEW is celebration.

And so, welcome to the NEW. We had a beautiful office at 107, but this one beats that. This on one level allows us to be a better team. And the open office and cluster seating layout allows us greater interaction without barriers.

To new beginnings....

Image Courtesy - Arnab Roy

Alpana Parida
DY Works


Showing off My Cool Job

So this is just a wide eyed account of how interning with the New Media and Retail departments is (yes, I know it sounds like a lot of stuff, but really it is just fun learning nothing high-fundoo intimidating). I honestly have very little experience of working overall but I always really wanted to experience life at a media firm. It always sounded so cool, so chilled, with all these smart, bright people with very unique style statements, who came up with the jazziest designs, campaigns and witty tag lines! So when my B-School announced DMA Yellow Works as one of the recruiting firms, I jumped at the chance!

I read up every possible piece of item available on the internet about them and all of their 12 big bosses, the clients, work and life. Felt like somebody had read my mind on exactly what I was looking for in an internship!!! And thus began the process of worrying about making it in somehow and here I am!
The two weeks here have been such a whirr, the excitement never dying down!

They just swooshed by between the projects, scouting for lunch places every day, making merry and non-stop friendly banter with John the Social Media guy, and the other two interns Swati (the fun one) and the Big-shot IIT-IIM-Deliotte guy Piyush (I was just kidding Piyush, it’s actually damn cool to have someone so smart around).
Image Courtesy - Arnab Roy

 The evening brought the yoga sessions (where the sir makes us “go to max and then slightly beyond max”- his catchphrase that everyone else says for him now-a-days), the evening snack that I so love not just for the suspense that is maintained around what it will be for some reason, but also for hearing about what all the other teams do all day! They’re always so busy doing stuff like giving out names to these chips, lassis, shampoos and whatnot, creating such gorgeous labels, the store displays, and all the fun online content these brands give out; basically designing our thoughts about these brands. It’s actually so fascinating and sort of creepy how they direct our thoughts completely!