Showing off My Cool Job

So this is just a wide eyed account of how interning with the New Media and Retail departments is (yes, I know it sounds like a lot of stuff, but really it is just fun learning nothing high-fundoo intimidating). I honestly have very little experience of working overall but I always really wanted to experience life at a media firm. It always sounded so cool, so chilled, with all these smart, bright people with very unique style statements, who came up with the jazziest designs, campaigns and witty tag lines! So when my B-School announced DMA Yellow Works as one of the recruiting firms, I jumped at the chance!

I read up every possible piece of item available on the internet about them and all of their 12 big bosses, the clients, work and life. Felt like somebody had read my mind on exactly what I was looking for in an internship!!! And thus began the process of worrying about making it in somehow and here I am!
The two weeks here have been such a whirr, the excitement never dying down!

They just swooshed by between the projects, scouting for lunch places every day, making merry and non-stop friendly banter with John the Social Media guy, and the other two interns Swati (the fun one) and the Big-shot IIT-IIM-Deliotte guy Piyush (I was just kidding Piyush, it’s actually damn cool to have someone so smart around).
Image Courtesy - Arnab Roy

 The evening brought the yoga sessions (where the sir makes us “go to max and then slightly beyond max”- his catchphrase that everyone else says for him now-a-days), the evening snack that I so love not just for the suspense that is maintained around what it will be for some reason, but also for hearing about what all the other teams do all day! They’re always so busy doing stuff like giving out names to these chips, lassis, shampoos and whatnot, creating such gorgeous labels, the store displays, and all the fun online content these brands give out; basically designing our thoughts about these brands. It’s actually so fascinating and sort of creepy how they direct our thoughts completely!

I can just go on and on and on about how cool my job is and how much I’ve learnt over these two months (can’t wait to get back to school and RULE the world of presentations and show my new skills off). I think the biggest asset I think DY Works are its wonderful and amazingly highly talented people. I love it here. Devatanu my mentor is a father figure (don’t kill me Dev), Vibhor, Sandeep and Joydeep, thanks for being so patient with my overly textual projects!
Image Courtesy - Arnab Roy
These have been the best times I could have asked for! So, wrapping it up, I recommend DY Works to everyone looking for real hard work, exposure and fun at work!
Signing off and running to grab my free beer-at-work before all those ogling it for a second round gets their hands on it (yes they have free beers one Friday a month. Woohooo)!

Oh and Foosball! Did I mention they have a foosball table that I totally RULE over? Oh, alright I don’t. But I’m getting better!!  

Intern, New Media & Retail 
DY Works                                                                                     


  1. Sounds like a great time, Smiti. Well done! I think only fun with work and co-workers can bring successful learning and peace to the job. Looking forward to the presentation techniques from you which I certainly missed during my show at the job.

  2. Superb post. I am applying here. :D

  3. Just read your post now Smiti! And it is just amazing to know that you had such a nice experience..looking forward to see you in July! :)