To New Beginnings...

Since the 29th of April, we at DY Works have a new home at B 002, Marathon Innova and we bid adieu to 107 Sunmill Compund.

In every culture in the world, the moving to a new place is a celebration. It is symbolic of leaving our past and being able to start afresh. 
I cannot resist deconstructing NEW semiotically. NEW means it is unused. When something is used, it has the wear and tear of the user. Much like the shoe heels that start wearing out - displaying the gait of the wearer, old things bear the impression of old patterns.

When things are new - you are free to create new patterns and new grooves. And it is this opportunity to break from a predestined orbit to being able to chart a new course that makes the NEW so celebratory. Unlike old hand-me-down clothes where you have to fit into someone else's shoes literally and figuratively - the NEW recognizes you as worthy of the pristine. When resources are scarce, only the deserving get the NEW. The rest get the used.

The opposite of NEW is old. Old takes one towards death and decay. NEW is spring - when flowers bloom and our powers are at our peak. NEW is adventure. NEW is beginnings. NEW is celebration.

And so, welcome to the NEW. We had a beautiful office at 107, but this one beats that. This on one level allows us to be a better team. And the open office and cluster seating layout allows us greater interaction without barriers.

To new beginnings....

Image Courtesy - Arnab Roy

Alpana Parida
DY Works

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