It's Hard To Say Noooooooooo…………

I just keeping wondering, what is the pleasure that one get when they are addicted towards bad habits.
Bad habits which may be anything that harms you from the inside and the effects of which are seen on the outside. Thinking about it gives me a pinch deep down in my heart.

What is it that gives one a pleasure to ruin one self without giving a single thought to the future frame?
Why is it that one does not realize the long long way that one has to travel in their journey of life...

How beautiful it would have been if everyone lived with positive thoughts and enjoyed life to the fullest.
Enjoying life to fullest does not mean taking pleasure in limited things but exploring yourself to the beauty of nature.
Every little thing is unique and in the class of its own but provided one realizes the same.

Bad (habits) are welcomed easily in life but to develop some good habits or accept something good in life needs courage, therefore I say……
                                                It's Hard To Say...

Placida Dsouza
Manager Administration
DY Works

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