Somebody Open The Door Please

Note: This is a long post, so please be comfortably seated with Shantaramji’s chai.

Picture this. While most of your college mates have chosen their line of interest for their internship or have been picked up by companies, you are still sitting wide-eyed waiting for that one perfect opportunity to come by.

As I filtered the so-called ‘media contacts’, there popped a mail informing us about an internship opportunity at DY Works. I quickly clicked on the company’s link and just like that the website slowly started filling in all the gaps that had puzzled my choices. It felt like that moment when everything suddenly seems clear and you feel that you could fit right in as an intern here.

Let me also state that I selfishly hoped that I get through, for there were definitely some really strong candidates who too wanted to be here writing this (this, I can vouch for). As I entered the new workplace of two months, I found a few strong characteristics – the people (coming in everyday full of energy, confidence and new ideas), the positive vibe around the place and most importantly, a very deep rooted process that may look all mixed up from the top but as you dig deeper into a project you see it all form a pattern that makes this place unique according to me.

Everyday brought in something different and that’s what excited me so much about DY Works. So much that I probably have a track record of reaching really early almost every day!
 Add to that the magic of giving the simplest products (from big names) meaningful and beautiful packaging; working on projects like the creation of a milk brand which included a trip to Pune for a recce made me realize the passion with which the creative and marketing teams work at DY Works. Coming from a college where we speak about brands and their communication 24 by 7, it was really great to see how all the aspects of a brand’s communication come together!

 The fun aspects were not far either like helping with a chips project, the daily foosball games, the most daunting task of the day - picking the perfect lunch place with Piyush (the smart quiet one) and Smiti (the kiddo- don’t kill me ok. You’re cute!), prying about the evening snacks,the Monday massages (I’m going to miss them so bad), the yoga sessions where you can actually hear every muscle in your body thanking you and the Friday Talks that were extremely diverse and fascinating.

Work can be made enjoyable when you have a great team like the ROI where you get to learn about DY Work’s culture from the bubbly Tulika, receive suggestions and insights that I would have never thought of from Lakshmi, Neeraj and Apeksha and spend hours talking about brands with Shraddha, the whole team made me feel like a part of their small family. 

I’ve cherished every moment here and as for the learning – it’s all safely preserved, armed and confident for whatever the future brings.

Intern, ROI

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