D(id) Y(ou) Work?

After brilliant posts by two awesome people I got to meet during the internship, I guess it would be difficult for this quiet guy to live up to the reputation. But I guess I will give it a try…

From almost an all boys engineering college to a geek’s paradise tech consulting firm to the fast paced world of a management institute, everything till now for me had been different in its own way. But this internship stint
has been completely different from any of the other experiences.

Firstly, embarrassed to admit, but yes, I had never been around so many women before. Probably that is the reason I came around to be a bit shy.

Secondly, the energy this place possesses is amazing. Frequent meetings, long hours, foosball matches, evening snacks, yoga, Friday talks and I guess the list is endless of the things people here are so enthusiastic
about. The attention to detail in each and every client presentation and design just blows your mind off. I
remember witnessing the presentation of the strategy team on my first day and this time I am not embarrassed to admit I had goose bumps. And the wealth of knowledge on the subject is truly remarkable.  It was always a pleasure to hear people speak about their work and their experience in the field. All of it shows the passion people at DY Works have for the work they are doing and it is definitely worth getting inspired by.

The best part, however, has been that all this happens in an environment that is nothing but fun. And fun is what we had, all three of us – marketing and strategy interns. Food, as it always is when I am around, has been central to all this. We explored almost all options around NextGen and we definitely found our favourites. Smiti found the love of her life in the Blueberry Cheesecake, Swati found plenty of places to keep her ‘spirits’ up and I just gorged upon anything and everything that was there in front of me.

Two months in 107 and B2 have definitely been well spent. Placi, we would trouble you no more to open the door for us.

Piyush Gulati
Intern, Strategy


  1. Love the deep insights from an intern about his company, just tells how good the environment must be. I work at disside which is also a branding company and I will try to get this kind of a thing rolling at our place.

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