BEING – there for each other
OFFERING – unconditional support
NUTURING – to bring out the best
DEVELOPING – in each other’s company
INDULDING – for lasting
NEVER NEGLECTING – no matter what
GROWING – stronger and stronger each day

Such is the culture at dyworks. Everyone gets involved in each other’s companionship and they love to be in there for each other. Daily bonding starts at the cafeteria, each gets their own breakfast and enjoys the same by sharing it and having altogether. It looks like they wait for the each day anxiously. Its fun to watch them in the midst of each other. While watching them together may be for breakfast, lunch or evening snacks, one will never notice any kind of discrimination, position, status, caste… all are like one FAMILY (dyworks family)

They are together for nearly 8-9 hours or may be more than that, they learn, they share and they explore in each other company. Full of energy, filled with fun and frolic, time just passes away but their pleasant and enthusiastic moods keeps lasting till the day end.

Pulling each other’s legs, teasing, making jokes together, it’s so is their daily activities and they cannot do without it. Personal tensions and problem are all left outside the glass door and one enters a different environment which does not remind them of their worries and tension atleast for another 10 to 12 hours.

Words cannot cover the culture of dyworks it will just go on but brief above speaks of all their B-O-N-D-I-N-G

Placida Dsouza
Manager Administration
DY Works

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