“But you’re just 18! Are you sure you want an internship right now?”

     To your average fresh-out-of-high-school 18 year-old, the word “office” invokes nothing more than dull images of world-weary grown-ups who waste away in the workplace with absolutely no social life whatsoever. This was why the minute I decided to intern at the DY Works office, I suddenly had visions of being holed up in a cold, dark corner with nothing but reams of data for company. Compared to the fact that most of my friends were spending their summer vacation on the beach/at the movies/partying it up before university, I wondered whether this internship would really be worth it.
     My very first day at the office proved to me that my decision to intern here was one of the best ones I've ever made.
     I mean I have never even HEARD of a place where people take foosball matches as seriously as their client meetings. Or where it’s perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged, to pick up a guitar and burst into song at any point in the day. Or even where the supervisors chase their co-workers around and play catch with empty boxes.
     Of course, there’s a lot of work that’s done too. I myself spent a couple of my first days furiously researching market trends until 2 a.m. with the hopes of being able to at least understand, if not contribute to the discussions going on around me. I almost gave up by the second week, when Sangeet gave me a 200+ slide presentation with enough data to last me a lifetime, I kid you not.
     But the thing that I appreciated the most about this internship was that everyone here was incredibly supportive. After getting over the whole “you just finished high school? What on earth are you doing here?!” everyone I worked with was kind enough to give me proper, analytical work to do, work that I actually had to think about and that really mattered in the end (as opposed to, say, fetching coffee or stapling documents.) I’d like to thank Alpana Parida for giving me this opportunity to get work experience that’s going to help me in university more than I can currently fathom.
     Also, special thanks to all of the friends I made here. My internship would have been incomplete without Guru Zubinji’s life gyan, reminiscing about high school with Devaunshi, bonding with Shraddha, teasing Smiti about her being older than me and finally,putting up with John the Bully. It pleases me to know that I will always be remembered as the intern who brought cupcakes on her last day here.

Aditi Bhandari
Intern, Mumbai Team
DY Works

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