Sugar Free Tealite - Diet Ice Tea Packaging Design and Launch

Sugar Free is well known and has a strong equity when it comes to health and low-calories. Sugar Free launched a powder mix iced tea in the market under brand name D Lite but it resulted as a non mover. There were two reasons for the same. One that powder mix format had a low shelf life and hence not profitable considering the supply chain. Secondly D lite was a carbonated drinks brand which was again a non mover because the consumers were moving away from carbonated to non carbonated drinks. The big idea hence was to launch a ready to drink iced tea called Tea Lite which would appeal to the youth and fitness freaks.


Tasty Treat - Packaging Design

Tasty Treat Masti Magic and Ulta Pulta  are the private labels of Food Bazaar and fall under the snacking category.

The packaged snacks category was growing at approximately 25-30 per cent every year. Our challenge for Masti Magic and Ulta Pulta was to create disruption and leverage an entry into a saturated snacking category and induce novelty and excitement in the existing “chipping” scenario.

Considering  our  product  is stacked against the category leader and challengers our focus has been towards engaging the consumer’s palette to the tantalizing and trendy look and feel with a “Bindas Khao” attitude which resonates with our experimentative generation next.

The youthful interpretation and personification of the product has resulted in growth of consumer base and created a sense on ‘binging indulgence’.


Consumer Insights – Online Matrimonial (India)

Online matrimonial market in India has seen a significant growth rate in the past one year. It has opened a new frontier for people to seek alliances globally.

To get an insight into how consumers feel about online matrimonial, respodents are divided into two groups

  1. People who want to get married
  2. People who have already got married.

a) People who want to get married:

Registered on the website –

  1. They are looking for a transition in their life to move from the traditional way of searching for a match to the new way of criteria based search.
  2. In cases were they register on these websites by themselves, respondents prefer to tell their parents only after they find a suitable match since they don’t want their family members to get anxious about it.
  3. In cases where respondents themselves have not registered we have generally seen that father registers for daughter or brother or cousin registers for sister and sister registers for the girl respondents. Basically, some one from the family registers and takes it ahead till some body responds.
  4. In fact most of the time friends register for the respondents since they don’t want to tell their parents or they are scared of their parents.
  5. Few people who do not get the liberty to select their match due to family pattern and traditions, like to experiment and check what is available for them online.
  6. Few feel that if the society is open to a boy girl relationship from the beginning then people will not need such websites as they will have their soul mate with them.
  7. Some say that since they could not get a match easily through offline that’s why they opted to register online.
  8. People who are working and living by themselves away from family tend to believe in these websites since it saves them time and it is according to the current trends.
  9. They do not find the details authentic and that’s the biggest fear that people have.
  10. Some people who have been used to saving money tend to opt for free membership as they are not sure of getting a suitable match and therefore value for money.

Not registered on the website –

  1. They do not believe in online matrimonial.
  2. Family traditions don’t give them the freedom to explore on their own.
  3. They feel that the two families should know each other very well in order for a family bonding.
  4. Online matrimonial is more like a self advertisement.
  5. They prefer to follow their culture and traditions.
  6. They feel that society will not accept an online match.

b) People who have already got married through online website:

  1. They find it less efficient since there are so many profiles to explore.
  2. It saves time since most of the respondents are working and don’t have the patience to go through the offline route.
  3. Most of them tell their parents later on after they have found a match.
  4. They feel that parents are generally concerned about the authenticity of the profiles.
  5. Most of them are living a happy married life.

Consumer Insights Rural V/s Urban:

  1. People from rural India feels that it gives them more options.
  2. They can get some one educated
  3. Since the person is well qualified that’s why the person is registered on the website and may get a decent job and has a good overall personality
  4. People feel it gives them an option to look beyond the limited people they know
  5. Generally they are bounded by the influence of the society, family culture and tradition when it comes to taking independent decisions for choosing their soul mate.
  6. New generation in the rural areas wants to move on from the shackles of superstitions and get into the transition mode.

Thus we can see that online matrimonial is growing in demand, however, the biggest challenge it needs to tackle is authenticity of the profile data.There is need for innovation to design a model that ensures that the profiles are genuine.


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