Tasty Treat - Packaging Design

Tasty Treat Masti Magic and Ulta Pulta  are the private labels of Food Bazaar and fall under the snacking category.

The packaged snacks category was growing at approximately 25-30 per cent every year. Our challenge for Masti Magic and Ulta Pulta was to create disruption and leverage an entry into a saturated snacking category and induce novelty and excitement in the existing “chipping” scenario.

Considering  our  product  is stacked against the category leader and challengers our focus has been towards engaging the consumer’s palette to the tantalizing and trendy look and feel with a “Bindas Khao” attitude which resonates with our experimentative generation next.

The youthful interpretation and personification of the product has resulted in growth of consumer base and created a sense on ‘binging indulgence’.


  1. Designs are really funky..... Would love to buy this pack.

  2. @Komal ... thanks a lot for the positive feedback

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