A ‘Brand’ New Experience!

After a half hour journey in the Mumbai locals and several failed attempts to get a taxi to office, I reach DY Works every morning. And here begins a good new day, with a proper balance of work and fun (more fun sometimes!)

The month of June passed by in a flash; time flies when you’re doing what you like, and actually enjoying everything you’re doing! It was my first time in Mumbai, my first internship, and my first experience in a Design and Marketing firm, and it’s right up there in one of the good summers I’ve had. I did take some time getting used to the office and how things run here, but in a week’s time, I felt at home, and a part of this company!

Just as much as I enjoyed it, being in the Creatives Team was a learning process, and working with design pros like Dharam and Kiran added to that. Over the five weeks I was here, I worked on quite a few projects, allunlike each other, and that really opened up my mind to how design can work in different ways!