A ‘Brand’ New Experience!

After a half hour journey in the Mumbai locals and several failed attempts to get a taxi to office, I reach DY Works every morning. And here begins a good new day, with a proper balance of work and fun (more fun sometimes!)

The month of June passed by in a flash; time flies when you’re doing what you like, and actually enjoying everything you’re doing! It was my first time in Mumbai, my first internship, and my first experience in a Design and Marketing firm, and it’s right up there in one of the good summers I’ve had. I did take some time getting used to the office and how things run here, but in a week’s time, I felt at home, and a part of this company!

Just as much as I enjoyed it, being in the Creatives Team was a learning process, and working with design pros like Dharam and Kiran added to that. Over the five weeks I was here, I worked on quite a few projects, allunlike each other, and that really opened up my mind to how design can work in different ways!

The best part about this one month (in the largest company of its kind!), was getting to know how large scale projects are undertaken, and the process that every team goes through to arrive at a successful and mind blowing final solution. No wonder that so many top brands (read Unilever, Dabur, Godrej, Marico!) have had DY Works create or enhance their brand value and identity. People here are passionate, fun loving, and most of all, they all form one big, strong team.

The fun part about DY Works is how it ‘works’! It always has this colour and energy, and an office space that works perfectly. De-stressing yoga sessions, birthday celebrations, Friday Talks, Foosball games, Garam Chai every two hours, evening snacks and so much more! Well, this is just the perfect working atmosphere one looks for!

Working at DY Works has been a Brand New Experience, quite literally! And the day has almost come to an end, someone just started a foosball game, and it’s my last day here… so, gotta go!

Gautham Krishna
Creative Intern

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