HERSHEY’S engaging retail intervention and structure design by DYW

Problem:Hershey’s Syrup, a key brand in the Godrej Hershey Beverages portfolio found its sales stagnating. Research led to insights wherein the most frequent purchases were made by customers using Hershey Syrup with Milk. Taking forward this key learning, the GHL team wanted to design an innovative secondary pack that could communicate and educate the consumer of the alternate ways to use Hershey’s Syrup. Given the internationally standardized design of the primary, which strongly cued dessert topping, it was imperative to design a secondary sleeve that helped dispel its limited dessert topping usage.

Solution:The DYW team in view of the niche market the brand enjoy, designed a structure that helped highlight elements of the iconic form of the primary bottle by designing a sleeve showcased the neck and cap of the bottle. The design of the box was crafted akin to a print ad wherein we used the key message of bringing out exciting opportunities of Milk and Hershey’s Syrup . Appealing images of Hershey recipes were shot and used to highlight the Hershey’s Syrup plus milk wonders. The BOP highlighted simple 3 step recipes with key messages to lure the consumer into trying Hershey Syrup with Milk. The recipe at BOP served as a hook to showcase the simplicity of the process to add Hershey’s Syrup to daily consumption. A special recipe booklet was designed which would be given free with every box.

Achievement:The DYW team, went on to design visibility tools for the new packaging for in store communication which included attractive FSU’s and pillar branding that led consumers to the pack and helped them engage with the all new experience of Hershey’s Syrup.

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