Premium sachet collection in the techno world of Clear Shampoo

Brand Task:
To redesign sachets for Clear making it premium, contemporary and sleek, in line with the new bottle designs. The new bottle design apparently, is a clear winner as per the research for the global re-launch.
It has to be ensured that the sachets have a futuristic look and good shelf throw which is currently missing ,with respect to the bottle and design adaptation
Brand Solution:
DY Works suggested a clutter breaking square structure which would help the sachet position itself differently from the others in the category
DY Works used the mnemonic and the bands as per the bottles but gave it a distinct identity of its own which ensured the required impact without losing the brand architecture
The design was done ensuring that sachet was in line with the bottles in terms of appearance and perception being technologically advanced, up-market and sophisticated with a touch of elegance
The BOP was also developed with great precision and emphasis was on laying out all the content systematically The variants can be identified with the different colored mnemonic

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