Enlightening Encept

This past weekend we decided to enhance our knowledge bank and visit the printing and production facilities at Encept and Accuprint. 

Below is our team’s take away from this visit.

"Take a Print. This is what we all say and do in our day to day lives. The fate of a designer and his designs depends solely on one word - PRINTING. We may produce the best of designs, using the best of ideas, but it all boils down to how's it going to turn out when printed. Offset or rotogravure, Four Color or 8. These and many such challenges confront us on a daily basis.

The Printing Process
Our visit to Encept Premedia (Vashi) turned out to be the perfect answer. The key members there gave us an insight into how they as an organization make the collaboration between the agency/brand and the printer seamless and convenient. The services that they offer seem to resonate with the daily requirements of a designer. From fetching the right printer for your design & printing requirements to sample making, adaptations and proofing. The most important point to be noted here was that they create a repository of printers for future reference, so that a pack printed 5 years later from another printer would still be close to the original. Also what was interesting was that one of the key members gave us a little insight into how colour frequency is measured and the way it is translated into vibrations which are used to etch the cylinders used for printing. We discovered that Encept has already partnered on a few projects with DY Works, and it was great to see the kind of quality that they reproduced.


 Our next stop was at Accuprint (Taloja), a cylinder making facility for major print houses in the country. The presentation began with a brief AV about what Accuprint is all about. We were then taken to various sections of the facility to demonstrate each and every phase of the process. From the ultramodern & super clean /sterile premises of the automated cylinder making machines to where each process is carried out manually, the entire facility took us an hour to go through. We went from door to door, section to section, understanding the nuances of printing processes - Copper plating, polishing, engraving, chrome plating and finally proofing. By the end of the session, it felt great to be enlightened how a lot goes into something as we know - PRINTING."

Look forward to many more such enlightening experiences!
-   Siddharth Ganguly, Sr.Creative Group Head

"It was a great experience, a lot of learning and exposure to design print, color management and packaging. The first hand experience seeing India's first ever robotic cylinder and various stages, digital rechecking for errors and barcode was indeed intriguing. It also added as a great ice breaker for newcomer like me to interact with my colleagues in other departments."
Ronmi Bora, Marketing Manager

"It was a great learning experience. So far we know offset printing, screen printing, digital and other such printing methods. But now we have seen Gravure Cylinder making process as well. The information was very clear and it will help us improve our designs. Next time we hope to visit the other printing division."
- Umesh Raut, Senior Studio Executive

"I had the opportunity to understand gravure printing. The visit at Encept was very good. They told us about their company, their expertise in brand packaging, their services, and this was really presentable.The favorite part of the trip was understanding color management and engraving on copper cylinders .Color management session really helped to understand basics of color, color wheel  and the color booth.Accuprint systems " factory visit at Taloja,  was really informative. Really amazed by the  setup installed  there.  This technology is expensive but really good in printing.
The trip helped me to understand the concepts in real application and  in depth. Overall experience was great  and  I look forward to the next trip."
Chinmay Joshi, 3D Retail Designer

"The trip provided quality knowledge related to pre-media and design production. I feel it was especially enriching for marketing team. Understanding and actually seeing the processes will help up the service quality to the client. Not only can we justify our stands on design executions to the client but the fact that our understanding can help the brand benefit in the long run is something that I find immensely satisfying."
-Maulik Chandarana, Sr Marketing Manager

"It was very enjoyable and a knowledgeable trip. We learnt the following, in detail-
1. How to achieve the colors through color management
2. Mock-ups on actual substrate and simulating to final printing and the nuances required for both
3. How product color reflects in different lighting environments - Color Booth
4. Rotogravure cylinders – the complete making process from prepress to final"
-Tukaram Karve, Studio Head

"At Encept, besides the recap of my previous experience at Alia on artworking, I got to know how brands manage consistency in their packaging output across geographies. It was interesting to find out that they have specialized print management service providers who ensure the same. Accuprint simply widened the understanding I had about artworks. Although i knew the fact that each color is printed separately, experiencing how the cylinders are made and tested was a great experience altogether. It was also interesting to know their process and how they manage to turn around the capacity of 3000 cylinders per month"
-Vinay Tanna, Marketing Manager

"I enjoyed this trip very much. Once a design is released we do not always know the process through completion to shelf. This visit provided the basis to understanding the challenges and the work involved in getting one pack on shelf – color coding, printing, understanding what the possibilities are, what restrictions much be adhered to,  etc.
It helped me to gauge the complexities involved when creating a design and this knowledge will enhance my designs, going forward."
Navin Chalke, Designer                                                                                                     

Our Team
Siddharth Ganguly, Sr.Creative Group Head 
Ronmi Bora, Marketing Manager 
Umesh Raut, Senior Studio Executive 
Chinmay Joshi, 3D Retail Designer
Maulik Chandarana, Sr Marketing Manager 
Tukaram Karve, Studio Head
Vinay Tanna, Marketing Manager

Navin Chalke, Designer
DY Works

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