Thums Up - New Logo

DYW works with India’s largest selling carbonated beverage to reinterpret thunder
The task was to reinforce the brand values and assist the leader in its responsibility to take its consumer ahead in time. Though there wasn't any direct need for a rejuvenation exercise, the brand's leadership thought differently.

On carrying out an audit of the brand, its consumer and communication - DYW discovered the need for a contemporary boldness to enhance the brand’s core value of “more dum/power”.

The solution began by first rejuvenating the brand imagery subtly. Herein the need was to drop any clutter around the logo and provide a stronger and more forceful vocabulary.
What you will see in the market is a shedding of the thunderous shadow (which held it back, rather than propelled it forward), the fine tuning of the hand silhouette (from the workman like to a more youthful and relaxed silhouette) to a refinement of the typeface (from the archaic to the modern and contemporary). The change is also reflected in the baseline and the PVC bottle labels, which build on the masculinity and strength of the brand, making the brand vocabulary clearer, assertive and modern whilst remaining rooted.

This has led the brand's new summer 2009 campaign - supported with a forceful theme and promotion TVCs to achieve even a closer connect with its loyal audience.

Truly a leader taking its consumer ahead in time and consolidating it’s leadership.


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