Complan enters Toddler segment with Nutri-Gro

Complan Nutri-gro.

Mothers are always worried about their children’s health and growth during their adolescent stage. They are constantly in search of various food products that suit their children’s taste as well as provide nutrition. Since it’s about their child, mothers would never compromise on the quality and thus look for a trust-worthy option. Complan which already has a strong equity in the market in Nutritional food supplement segment had an opportunity to tap the toddler’s market.

DMA Yellow Works was approached for brand name and identity creation, packaging graphics and structure design.

The objective was to provide a scientifically formulated nutritional food supplement to children of 2+ years in three lovable variants: chocolate, Badam kheer and strawberry.

The challenge was to create a design which had seriousness, maturity, premiumness as well as some kiddy appeal to the graphics.

The Result: The Complan Nutri gro names connotes nutrition for the growing child and the design is well balanced by using gold for premiumness, teddy pictorials for kid appeal and the immunity mnemonic connoting scientific formulation. The mnemonic connotes immunity and vital nutrients such as DHA and milk protein for the child.

For brand identity and structure design, contact DMA Yellow Works.


  1. where is it available,i checked all possible stores in my area.i stay near dadar-west station.