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Question1: Why do you become a designer?
Question2: Does design work as an enabler or a differentiator?
Question3: What kind of growth can you see taking place in the field of design in India?

Before I answer the above questions I would like to talk about new things which I have recently contemplated on; that I hope might answer all of the above questions

Look at Plastic Surgery; It’s also a type of design or designing. Many people are opting for plastic surgery with less hesitation; they don’t feel it’s wrong getting the surgery done to get the desired look. It shows that there is an innate need in every one of us to look good; grab others attention. I was thinking if there is anyway to tap that innate need? We all desire a house, car, clothes, hairstyle, etc to look better and better, even cutlery used in the kitchen should be functional as well as aesthetically good looking; isn’t that so?

To produce products or services that are high on functional value and high on aesthetic value, costs a little extra money. That cost needs to be borne by the customer. As and when the economy grows, people will have more money to spend on such products and services. That eventually triggers the positive spiral for designed products and services.

Design is a broad word, in a way this whole existence is a big design, God is the designer. Everything has a reason to its existence in this existing world; it has functional as well as aesthetic value too.

Humans have always believed in modifying nature according to their needs, he/she has certainly been successful in various areas. But still there is a long way to go... Design Plays a Major role in that effort…

Contemplated by Dharam, Edited by Kimberly

Image of Dharam

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