Nycil extends from Prickly Heat Powder category to Skincare Talc space

Nycil Deo-Fresh

Nycil with more than 40 years of legacy is a market leader in the prickly heat powder category. The brand recently got revamped with new graphics and communication. Considering the equity of the brand and the growing talcum powder space, it was strategically decided to introduce the brand in this segment. Prickly heat powder segment is heavily affected by seasonality and the brand loses its presence in winters and other times except summers.

Hence, DMA Yellow Works was approached to create the brand extension. Nycil Deo-fresh as the name suggests is a fragrant refreshing talcum powder that promises to absorb sweat, fights body odour causing germs and provides de-odorising fragrance.

The objective was to build an imagery of “Summer Skin Health” talcum powder along with being contemporary by way of graphical design as well as structure design.

Our Approach:
We researched and derived design cues, visual hooks, forms, moods, colour codes and shapes by looking at the entire skin care products used ranging from sunscreen lotions, sweat absorbers to deodorants.

The Result:
Nycil Deo Fresh colours and swooshes communicate a refreshing and soothing feeling. The “chakra” mnemonic connotes the efficacy of germ-killing, fighting body odour and overall protection from bacteria. The two variants Aquamarine and Fresh Floral are best explained through distinct colours as well as droplets and floral rendition in the background. The structure has a unique shape showcasing style and modernity. Moreover, it is convenient for the user to hold the bottle because of the grip given on the sides. Inspiration for the slider mechanism is taken from the mobile phone camera slider (usually in Nokia) which is unique as compared to common roller. Overall the pack connotes maturity, modern-ness and effectiveness.

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