Honoring women of excellence

A  power packed evening to honor women achievers across all walks of life - An Award for Women, Voted by Women.


Brand Task
Kelvinator and SoBo Films wanted to create a power packed evening to honor women achievers across all walks of life - An Award for Women, Voted by Women.

The show called Stree Shakti Womens Awards 2014, was to be a mix of power packed performances, awards and video profiles, including background stories of the awardees.

DY Works was entrusted with the task of coming up with the brand identity for Stree Shakti - one that would encapsulate the essence of the new age woman and her various facets and roles.  The mandate was to avoid the existing clichés and reflect contemporary values of  woman achievers.

Brand Solution
DY Works decoded the terms ‘Stree’ and ‘Shakti’ and how these manifest the personality, drive and essence of women achievers, to then create an identity that would reflect all of these traits. This identity captured the idea of an age old theory of how the combination of body, mind and soul come together to create a force that makes one go beyond the call of everyday duty.

Brand Insight:
Nature has three main elements – Air, Water and Earth. These power Nature in being the way it is – powerful, productive and permeating.

In the same fashion, the combination of the power of a body, mind and soul make the individuals and groups that Stree Shakti Awards seeks to identify and honour. Using this idea with the visual inspiration in a ‘propeller’, the identity reflected and celebrated women and their many traits.

Taking the concept of the triad that makes up the body, mind and the soul, we see it essentially as the propeller that drives. Mapping it to the various facets like grit, hyperkinetic liveliness, flexibility and fluidity that make the achievers who they are, the logo and the identity have come into being.

It also about the many facets and arenas where the spirit of empowerment can manifest itself whether it is by mentoring, inspiring or by personal achievement.

The logo has been well received, in fact,  noted lyricist Gulzaar Sahab was inspired and enamored by it as well!

DY Works is Brand Strategy & Design Firm based out of Mumbai

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