Give Your Career Break A Break

We all have a starting point and we all get to the end. Most keep walking. But some take a pause. A large population being the corporate women. And it’s for these women that Cerebrand, Times of India takes an initiative to get them back @ work. Or rather Workplace. Hence, P.inc. This initiative launched in March 2014, through seminars, training workshops and access to employers will provide career resources and a service support system to mid-career professional women enabling them to overcome challenges and return to working life.

We too at DY Works believe in setting the ball rolling. Building the brand by manifesting the corporate identity through logo and website template design of P.inc and P.inc Talking Tour, a unique look and feel was developed.

 Our challenge was to create a progressive P.inc brand that balanced empowerment and endeavor, yet contemporary - positioning P.inc as the ‘restart platform’. In order to create the brand framework, we had to understand its objectives and nuances: ambitious, desirous ex-working women wanting that one push towards their career. Next we deciphered the triggers and deterrents of our target audience to establish the logo design that depicts the vision, mission and values of P.inc clearly.

The use of colors, Grey & Pink, inspired from the corporate world and womanhood, was the perfect branding exercise. P.inc is an initiative to help women reclaim their professional identity. The logo brings out the true spirit of a woman without undermining her confidence and aspirations. It’s a strong visual identity, hard to miss. Just like the women it talks to.

This was translated to the entire brand framework which included a new brand identity, clear brand positioning, stronger brand architecture and definite brand guidelines.
And, taking it forward, the first Talking Tour was held at WeSchool, Mumbai, a significant engagement program where a team of expert panelists discussed important aspects in the areas of female employability and gender balance to a 700+ audience.


With everything revolutionizing around us, it’s time that women on sabbaticals go back and get the life and career they deserve. And we in our own capacities should keep motivating and encouraging them to do so. Like we say it at DY… Don’t  Stop.

Prabha Kadam
Brand Partner
Integrated Corporate Practice
DY Works

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