Bringing Dreams Alive

DY Works & Sobo Films Come Together To Create Magic for the Less Fortunate and Make Their Dreams Come Alive 

DY Works partnered with Sobo Films Pvt Ltd to create a unique platform where reality TV served as the medium to bring optimism and better opportunities to the less fortunate.  Bollywood celebrities will swop roles with the common man to experience what his life is like. The amount earned in this role, through the assistance of celebrity status, will be given to the common man to help him out financially and give him a boost in morale and hope.

DY Works developed the name, something that would evoke the feeling of dreams coming true, of opportunities being made available for a commoner and the feeling of anticipation that comes with the aspiration for a better life. “Mission Sapne” combined this feeling of hope along with determination serving as the appropriate name for the show. The name also reflects the idea of the show’s creators - wanting to go beyond day to day and give back to the community and to use one’ s privilege to make another’s life better.

DY Works also created an identity that would bring this name to life and give it its ideal visual representation. The kite in the identity speaks to forward movement and progress and is apt for the show’s core purpose.  It highlights the feeling of chasing one’s dreams no matter what adversity one has experienced, thus far.

The use of gold, signals aspiration and hope as well as prosperity especially in the Indian content. This against the background of the sky – gestures towards dreams, hopes and desires, coming together to achieve more and go beyond one’s current confines.

Together the name and identity bring the feeling of cheer, development and hope, communicating the essence of the programme. 

DY Works is Brand Strategy & Design Firm based out of Mumbai


  1. Great work team :) When we have SRK coming at the show do invite me, I'd love to be there ;) \o/ Die hard fan you see!