Driving User Engagement For E-Commerce

The surge of digital & social media has changed the way consumers behave and interact with brands. Today consumers connect and engage with multiple brands through multiple channels. But the influencing power no longer falls with the marketers. By reviewing the brands, consumers are increasingly shaping and reshaping these brands themselves.

Owing to continued years of great credentials, owners Runit Shah and Kapil Hetamsaria reached out to DY Works with a new challenge: To create a jewellery brand that unites best independent designers from across the world, experiential online shopping and social media marketing.

As this concept was unprecedented, the goal for DY Works was not only to reach out the right target group but also educate them about the brand. The task was to build a corporate brand strategy through its website and employ various social media platforms.

The interactive and informative website www.velvetcase.com - the core brand touch point – is an intelligent and contemporary 2-way communicative interface that bridges accessibility of the Internet and the charm of culling through unique designs created by global designers.

Following our recommendations, Velvetcase designed gift boxes as one of the brand’s hallmark: a Velvet Case. Beautiful and elegant it carries forward the brand essence to the hilt. This was followed by an intensive e-mail marketing campaign to promote this unusual brand.

DY Works also helped the brand capitalize its website by deploying the new in-thing - User generated content.  On International Women’s Day, a contest was launched that allowed consumers to design and create their own jewelry. Which was promoted extensively through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs to create a buzz to drive traffic back to the website. Over 600 participants and 8800+user interactions were logged during the 3 week long contest that included Indian television celebrity, Drashti Dhami. The facebook page hit a whopping 40,000+ likes. 


Besides this, the V Blog talks about to-dos/don’ts, product polls and every latest trend possible in the jewelry world. A lookbook, youtube channel are other activities being explored.

 The extensive online marketing was put to effective use to witness incredible results: new trends in consumer buying behavior and identifying new target markets by mapping existing and new visitors at all brand touch-points. The bounce rate dropped to a steady 6.6 %, a remarkable upside from 38%. This sure speaks volumes.  

Currently another Instagram contest is running which lets users upload and vote for their ‘Selfies’. And thus, DY Works continues to leverage onto user generated content with social media interactions. With the way digital world continues to evolve and expand every second the brand can only stand out and sparkle.

Prabha Kadam
Brand Partner
Integrated Corporate Practice
DY Works

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