Crafting an Inimitable Brand - Reliance Greens

DY Works’ intervention crafted this iconic brand from nomenclature to visual identity and shaped their success story.

Most iconic brand identities stand the test of time and are relevant over decades. Reliance Greens, at the Jamnagar Township is one such identity.

Crafted in 1999, the identity was crafted to create significance and reflect an evolving organization. After 15 years, this identity is unchanged and has indeed stood the test of time, when many companies have identities that have needed rejuvenation to stay current, and relevant to their audience.

Brand Task:
Reliance Township, a self-contained township, houses over 2,500 of the employees and their families at Jamnagar. Sprawling over 415 acres of land, the township has been designed to provide the best possible residential, educational and recreational facilities to the employees.
The township includes fully furnished housing for the employees, as well as a medical centre, school, playgrounds, temple, community centers, health centers, banks, mall/supermarket, gas station, parks, swimming pool, a golf course, tennis courts etc. DY Works partnered with the Reliance brand team to create nomenclature, brand manifestation and other visual communication for the township.

Brand Solution:
DY Works was  inspired by the lush greenery and wide open spaces and crafted the name Reliance Greens.
Replete with varied facilities the township provided amenities for all the requirements of their employees, thereby providing holistic care. Care and nurture was at the heart of the township which had to be amplified in the essence of the visual manifestation.
The pillars of the township were manifested and amplified in the visual identity through quadrants namely, residential, educational and recreational. A simple yet strong visual representation of each of these pillars provided a robust identity to each of these pillars. Inspired by ‘Nature and Nurture ‘, we created a simplistic identity through the depiction of the Sun, Trees, Homes and Water and used bright colors to cue excitement and how this township enriched lives.

Intense study and design development led us to 4 core concepts that were funneled to a seamless concept that captured the right essence of the brand.



Our finalized and refined identity captures the true essence of the township. Crafted in 1999 the identity is relevant and immutable even today.
             BRAND MARK                                                           SIGNAGE
DY Works is Brand Strategy & Design Firm based out of Mumbai 

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