What a Giving Without Accepting!

Last week  we had this dyworks bazaar wherein there were samples for sale, most of them were baby products.  Finding the products expensive nobody purchased them. What happened to those products then...where did it go?
“Give those samples to an orphanage” instructed one gentle lady.

I searched through the yellow pages for orphanage contacts, found many of them but one one of them were willing to accept baby products  and that was “ASHA SADAN”

 I scheduled a day for going to ASHA SADAN – a home to the children abandoned by their parents and most of them being GIRL child (mothers are not aware of women power in this century).

Getting to the children's home created excitement, what would it be and what would be the reaction of the  children  towards strangers.

Well, when I got there, handed over the samples to the social worker Ms.Rosy (she was indeed rosy as she was wearing a full red saree). She asked me if I would like to visit the children and I could not say “NO”.

Her colleague attended us and took us to the first floor.  And to my sight, I saw little ones lying in the cradle, sleeping with a peaceful mind, among them 1 baby girl was awake and she forwarded her hand to give me a handsake. Beautifully smiling, her smile was so pure and innocent (missed taking the camera to capture their photos)

Next was a small room with 10 tiny tots singing their nursery rhymes. They all stood up to greet “NAMASTE DIDI”. They came toward the door and each one wanted to shake their hands one by one…the same was the scene in their junior kg and senior kg section.