Opening Of The Eyes

First thing in the morning when I wake up, I see my new plant already dead..
Reason - I couldn't water it for the past two days, because I was going through my
menstrual cycle.

I questioned what kind of myths I have been living on and following….
something that takes away life!!

That very moment I decided that I shall break-thru these irrelevant myths, and watered my dead plant. (Hope it comes back to life).

@9am: I posted on my FB:

“Early morning I see two people standing in the middle of the road and fighting, blocking the road...creating traffic! And Amir..you talk about in your ads "jinko desh ki fikar ho!!" I guess your tag line should be "jinko insaano ki fikar ho!!"
Kyon ho muje aisse desh ki fikar Jahan insaan se badkar uske car ke scratches ho!!”

Well ..early morning two back to back life experiences...in my agony...I learnt a lot.

The question is..now what do I do with it?
I am not a news paper editor or an influential celebrity to raise campaigns. May be as a designer, in my small way with the right opportunity, I can create an awareness message 'Break The Myths'.

But more than that, firstly as a human being & as an individual I can definitely create a self awareness..and ask myself what thought system…am I living on!!

Do I choose to follow myths blindly and let go of a life?

Definitely choosing forgiveness would be better for those two people..who created inconvenience early morning to many others over an argument on who knows to drive better!!

Definitely waking up with deep realizations is healthier than just blindly living.

Thanks John for asking me to write a blog., Till yesterday I didn't know what was my topic.

And it's called 'Opening Of The Eyes'.

Mamta Saighal,
Jr, Creative Group Head,
DY Works

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