A Great Experience

Like every other new joinee, I was extremely perturbed before entering DY Works. What will the place be
like? How will the people be? Will I learn new things? How will my experience be? These questions kept playing on my mind, but I was put to ease at the end of my first day itself.

The ambiance was much more relaxed and friendly than I expected. I admired how people had so much to do and yet took the time out to speak to and explain things to a new person. It did not take me long to realize that DY Works was a closely- knit organization, with a management that truly cared for the welfare of everyone. I was amazed at how they had a massage and yoga session during office hours.

I think one of the most fun days at DY Works was when we had to create the letters of ‘DON’T STOP’ in a
three- dimensional, creative and unique way. It was amazing how every team came up with something so brilliant and unique. Another fun day was the day when we celebrated Diwali with the decorations, games, food and bonding. Though there was a lot of work, many such wonderful experiences filled my time here.

My experience here was truly like no other. I had come here to learn and I managed to learn a considerable amount about marketing. Whenever I had too much work that was boring and taxing, there was always a fun assignment in the middle. One such assignment was that of making word maps, which I found really cool. As I put together presentations, I learned some interesting things about the coffee market and the hair care industry. I liked how, there was someone (Ashita) always there whenever I had any questions, concerns, to teach me things, to review my work and in general.

There was a lot of work, but it also came with a considerable amount of learning. The leading FMCG client based team - Ashita, Snehal and Vinay- which seemed like the team that burnt the midnight oil way too often, was great and it was a pleasure working with each one of them. As I said, my experience at DY Works was wonderful and I will definitely miss the people, work and the experience, as I go back to my life as a college student.

By Neha Daswani
Marketing Intern,
DY Works

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