DY Works has been known for their talent and talent is bought by people.

We are talking about a creative creature.. called Arnab Roy, who was known in DY Works for his unique philosophy which is: 'LESS COMMON, MORE SENSE'.

A few of his stories talked about, Saving ants while having bath to relishing non-veg food to balance the biological cycle on this planet.

His famous 'Brit Accent' in his conversation made him approachable and friendly, well certainly setting a charming aura around him.

Arnab Roy, moved on... or rather grew from DY Works to take his philosophy of 'LESS COMMON, MORE SENSE' into his full-time profession.

He spreads his art in the form of badges, frames, cushion covers, etc.

To get connected to this Man Of Heart and ART.. please log onto :


Mamta Saighal
Jr Creative Group Head
DY Works


Imran Patel
Sr Creative Group Head
DY Works

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