Adding Spark to Godrej- Electrical & Electronic

Godrej Electricals & Electronics are a symbol of strength,passion and experience for its consumers and clients.The customer seeks world class service and customized solutions which are uninterrupted and continuous. He seeks precision and an active team who takes initiative to deal with problems and solve them.Customers today expect service excellence and minimal down time.They trust companies which have quick response time and superior technology to address all their needs.

Visual Expression
The visual expression of Godrej Electricals & Electronics business has two elements.The starting point is the spark, which is the core of the business, depicting passion. The spark continues to form transmitting lines in perspective. The unit denotes the transmission of electricity from one point to other whilst illuminating the world around. The idea of the spark and transmitting lines arose out of the central thought – Transmitting Passion. Illuminating Life.

                                    Extension of Visual Expression

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