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Godrej Construction has always been environment conscious giving the best to its customers - giving importance to ecology. Brand Godrej Construction is known for being honest and trustworthy,and adhering to time & quality commitments and delivering the best to customers.
Today's customer wants quality in real estate and is conscious about location, service and the company's record. While he wants the best mix of all the above attributes, he also wants a trustworthy real estate developer.

Visual Expression
The visual expression is in the form of three squares with three dynamic bands in Godrej Masterbrand colours. The visual expression will enhance the core brand value reassuring the customer the promise to be achieved. Our visual expression is a result of our brand thought - “ The Hallmark of the Genuine”.
“Genuine” is expressed by the square shape - which is pure, solid, confident and trustworthy. Square acts as a pivot through which the continuous dynamic band runs giving a sense of space adding value to the context. Transparency is added to enhance the core value. Visual expression is inspired from the lines, shapes and forms of architecture.

                                                Extension of Visual Language

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767  Delhi:+91 11 26548089

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