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Godrej Tooling has the most advanced tool room in India today. Backed by a heritage of over 75 years, having top-class project management skills, design and service that is trustworthy and providing extraordinary tools that last for 3,00,000 shots when the industry standards are just for 80,000 shots.Today, with customers wanting world-class products and services, Godrej Tooling always meets their ever growing expectations.

Visual Expression
The visual metaphor is in the form of three concentric circles in Godrej Masterbrand colours. With the help of the visual expression, communication is seamless and effective. The visual expression will also enhance the core value reassuring the customer the promise to be achieved. The form is relevant to the scientific nature of the business. It has grooves and cuts and demonstrates the generic fundamentals of tooling business. It has the passion and is definitive. Our visual expression is a result of our brand thought- “Experts in the science of the before”.


                                Extension of Visual Language

Contact: Mumbai:+91-022-40406767 Delhi:-1-91 11 26548089  

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