Mother Pious Lady - A book Reading by Santosh Desai

It was an evening to remember. An honor for DMA Yellow Works to host Santosh Desai, columnist, observer and author of the "un-put-down-able" book - Mother Pious Lady - Making Sense of Everyday India.

Aptly put by Paritosh Joshi (who welcomed the author); the book presents palpable glimpses of everyday India woven together as a quilt. Each chapter selected by Santosh had the audience visualizing and roaring with laughter in their seats.

This is a must read for all who wish to laugh at simplest of traits that make us Indians. We at DMA Yellow Works had the good fortune to meet Santosh personally and hear about his motivation and discuss aspects of the book with him.

It will not be long before the "Itch" or the "Scooter" are once again reignited in the minds of Indian readers... and we have this gem of a book and its brilliant author to thank for it.



  1. The book is one of the funniest I have read in a long long time. Santosh's stature as a social and anthropological observer/ commentator has not done justice to the humour quotient of the book.
    There is something inclusive about this humour - and we feel that we are indeed laughing at ourselves and not any 'other'. It is not malicious or judgmental (even when it comes to the irresistible itch of the netherlands nor is it pretentiously self-conscious. It is simply an effortless flow of goodwill and acceptance of ourselves.
    'We are like this only' is more apt for this book than any other.

  2. One of the most un-put-downable books I've read in recent times. Mr. Desai infuses such a lot of detail into each sentence, it makes me remember our 'Chitrahaar' and 'Mahabharat' days...
    A book which accounts India's transition from the traditional to the modern, embracing the Western in our own Hindustani way...
    All in all, a must-read.
    P.S. The great Indian itch, my absolute fav. :P