DMA Yellow Works design wins PFFCA Awards 2010 for Structure & Graphics design for Improved Aesthetics

Brand - Complan Memory

Complan an iconic brand in India is popularly known for "Physical Growth Achievement" amongst kids. It is considered as a Gold Standard in Nutrition by mothers and medical fraternity both. Complan has always looked for ways to improve the physical growth of children through innovation in taste, introducing new flavors and improving the packaging for compelling communication and because of its successful endeavors in the past was awarded the Superbrand Award in 2005.

Today Complan has embarked on a new journey and extended its franchise from a mere physical growth catalyst to a Memory Booster. In today's time parents and kids are under tremendous pressure to perform and deliver results. While mothers are constantly challenged in nurturing and taking care of the family, kids on the other hand are facing the challenge of coping up with peer pressure and studies. In a research conducted amongst kids, failure to memorize everything and the ability to remember them at crucial points (exams/tests) emerged as the biggest concern, both for kids and parents. Both the factors effect the performance and the results.

Complan identified this need and introduced Complan Memory which is fortified with 5 Brain Chargers that increase the brain power in kids. Now kids can have Complan Memory and enhance their ability to absorb more knowledge and also recollect them when needed. Complan has always maintained its essence in providing a solid foundation for growing kids and now it dutifully prepares them for the future with greater intelligence and superiority.

Complan Memory has been awarded the PFFCA (Paper, Film & Foil Convertors Association) Award for "Heat Shrink label for rectangular big jars" in the category of "Structure & Graphics design for Improved Aesthetics". The Design has been developed by DMA YELLOW WORKS.


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