The practice of using a brand name is the evolution of the ancient custom of branding one's belongings.

Name is the foundation of your brand. Once in the market, your brand name will greatly determine your position in the fight for consumers.  Far more than just a series of letters, a successful brand name can help your product survive for a long time if it is able to stand the test of time.

Also the historic approach of family names is increasingly taking time before they resonate with consumer for newly launched products, services or companies.

Powerful brand names can fire imagination, trigger an emotion, and be suggestive of an experience or attitude. Though names are only one ingredient, they have significant influence over how a brand is perceived.

It represents a mix of attributes - tangible and intangible - symbolized in a mark

  • The right name for your brand, does more than just identify.
  • It speaks of the personality, the quality, the essence of your company and its products.
  • The right name for your brand provides an umbrella under which products and services, divisions and subsidiaries can be a cohesive family.
  • Most of all, the right name sets your company, your products and services apart from the rest. 

Visual : Every word has a visual feel. Even before it is designed to appear in a certain way. It evokes images. It stands for certain pictures. There are visual associations with it, which at times are universal.

Intonation : It means the pitch one uses to speak aloud a word sometimes can change its meaning. Our words must be easy on the tongue.

Phonetic/ Audio : It’s the way a word sounds. Certain words are harsh, some soft. Some sound alien, some have a very next-door feel to it.

Understanding : While preserving a sense of mystery and intrigue, it must not be complicated. It has to have meaning. It must generate curiosity, not debate.

Impact :This is our desired response in a way. It has to have the overall impact in a consumer’s mind, filling it with all the attributes discussed earlier. Design will of course enhance it but just the word must do its job at its own level.

 Article by
Priyanka Shah,
General Manager Strategy,
 DY Works

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