DY Works creates mortgage guarantee branding for IMGC

Best Media Info, Monday, May 6, 2013

DY Works, a leading brand strategy and brand design firm, has created the brand for India’s first mortgage guarantee company, IMGC, a consortium of some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world including National Housing Bank, Genworth, Asian Development Bank and International Finance Corporation.

Speaking about the project, Alpana Parida, President of DY Works, said, “While we regularly work on assignments to create new brands, IMGC was particularly challenging as it was about creating a new category all together.”

Observing the importance of the engagement, IMGC CEO Amitava Mehra said, “IMGC was looking beyond design for selecting a brand development specialist. The strategic branding approach presented by DY Works showcased their ability to understand and decode the needs of the financial services industry and our specific end customer. We mandated DY Works to lead a branding initiative that would not only help us create a strong initial foundation with partners but also to differentiate us as a consumer brand in the future as customer engagement increases.”

DY Works employed proprietary brand creation tools and identified for the category the need to address the inherent stress of capital deployment and the loan burden. The core brand essence embodied by the concept ‘A Certain Future’ was a positive customer facing thought.

“The brand essence of ‘A Certain Future’ capitalises on the category characteristics while building the IMGC promise of a definitive risk free tomorrow,” said Parida. “The visual manifestation of the brand captures the thought through the symbol of a Sun, the most universal element of certainty and hope. The identity also layers in references of accelerated growth (rays racing towards outside), and the category signifier- the visual mark of a Home.”

The identity was taken forward into the design of a visual language as well. The brand was holistically defined across touch-points through brand personality, value systems and culture.

IMGC, as a business, will have tremendous social implications in terms of making housing affordable and ensuring inclusive growth in this sector. Talking about its future plans, Sovan Mandal, IMGC VP – Product & Sales, said, “With market maturity and competition coming in, IMGC will have to gear up to higher levels of market engagement and forge stronger bonds with lender partners while building a consumer presence. In a growing market, the competition will not be so much for market share as for mind share. This is the area where IMGC will focus on in terms of brand development. Thanks to the involvement of DY Works team for creating a robust brand essence and asset platform on which we can help scale up our business.”

DY Works (DMA Yellow Works) is India’s oldest and largest brand strategy and brand design firm that uses semiotics to both, decode markets and consumers and encode brands through design. DY Works builds brands rooted in culture.

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