What is design?

This is a BIG question to answer... anyone who tries to answer falls short of words. I escape from answering this question by asking a question to myself "what is not design?" Everything is design in this universe, this universe itself is a grand design. Me, you, flowers, milk, it is an endless list. When we are a part of this grand design, it seems absurd to answer (what is design?)

Everything is design around you, within you, beyond you, beneath you. You yourself are a part of this grand design. Now it is time to go out of this grand design conversation and see how design interacts with us on a day-to-day basis.

Lets take for an example, a car, designed to ease the commute from one place to other. Shock absorbers are designed to make the journey less bumpy. We get bored during long journeys hence music and video devices are incorporated, again this is a part of design...

We can make a long list of such design components in the car like accelerator, airbag, air conditioner, air filter
air vent , alarm , all-wheel drive, alternator antenna
anti-lock brakes , armrest , automatic transmission
automobile axle and so on.

This is an exhausting exercise of naming design components. This endless intervention of design is called "APPLIED DESIGN". 

Dharamraj Ullagadi
Associate Creative Director
DY Works


  1. there is a difference between engineering design and brand design. What are you talking about?

    1. Yes, you are right. the example (car) given was directly connecting to the product designing. But the point that was being made, was the subtle existence of design in macro and micro level...

      The subject in the article was contemplative. You may reach the author at dharamraj [at] dyworks.in to seek further clarification.