Retail Glossary: Asymmetric Retail Units

The 30% yoy growth of modern trade in India is leading to an increase in demand for retail design innovation. As part of the DY Works retail scanning activities, we bring to you a new trend that seems to be surfacing – Asymmetric Retail Units.

Here are a few brands that have recently deployed Asymmetric Retail unitsBlack Label, Loreal and Tata Tea – Tea Veda.

Images from Point of Purchase Magazine
The thought is fairly simple – take a traditional FSU; create visual strata (layers) and rotate each layer around the vertical axis.

  1. Breaks the visual clutter
  2. Point of differentiators for early adopters
  3. For stand alone, four side open units, these enhance visibility from multiple angles
  1. The design is not easily to units that have less than four side open
  2. Are not efficient in terms of stacking efficiency
  3. May not perform well under conditions of regular handling or movement
  4. If not executed well, it might appear gimmicky
It would be interesting to hear from you on your views about these units ... sure there are loads of better examples out there. Will they only create a disruption in the short run for early adopters? OR can they become innovative units that add significant value to the retail rollout plan for a brand.

Contributed by Devatanu Banerjee, VP - Retail & New Media at DY Works.

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  3. Loreal
  4. Tata Tea – Tea Veda
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