Adding a refresher variant to the flavours of Taj Mahal tea

Brand Task:
The Taj brand team wanted to add a variant called Taj Masala to their Flavored range, which was designed by DY Works.
The variant needed to blend with the range architecture but yet be recognizable as a distinct variant.

Brand Solution:
We worked on two aspects one being a distinct color which will be the cue for Masala and the other being the ingredient story, both being the core design elements.
The orangish yellow color was selected since it best represents masala flavor and also it wasn’t used for any other variants in the range.
We crafted the design to maintain consistency with the previous packs while differentiating with the help of ingredient shot and the pack color.The entire range needs a uniform look and feel , & Taj Masala seamlessly fits into the range
The BOP was in line with the rest of the range educating the consumers and giving the required information and other mandates.

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