Fluffy's Farewell

Often jokingly called as the “junior-most employee” of DY Works, Boris a.k.a. Fluffy, has moved on from the organization as on 03/01/14

While he was here for a year, it is easy to make the mistake of imagining that he’d been here for ages – so well loved and “familiar” was he in this environment. 

Boris is always full of energy, and his self proclaimed craziness is infectious, making any project with him fun and  creating a great work environment. 

Wherever he goes, we are sure, he’ll bring colour and cheer to the organization.
DY Works

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  1. You seldom find yourself in a serendipitous situation as such. To have worked in Dyworks for 1 year. Every place has its pros and cons, the point is that when you end up missing office on a day off when you're at the leisure of a comfortable bed, a television set and a lot of good food; You know that there is something that special about the place. There are days i end up having the ghost limb and completely forget that i am in a different city and i am not working at Dyworks any more. Everyday was so many days in one day that it seems like i worked there for 4 years, every moment so immensely special that leaving was worse than an ugly break-up.
    The things i miss:
    The awesomeness that is shwets!
    The madness of pritto and her high expectations from my desk jockeying.
    The best MAN friend i finally made, that is jaggyD
    The fighting with jhunpun
    The Ji of NehaJI
    The Insanity of Rekha
    The FOosebal
    The Bully/mentor/myworkdoor IMMI
    The mother within Dyworks that is placey
    The Bear hugs to komz
    The amazing breakfast and conversations with the tullu.
    The every morning HI lakshmi
    The sweetest addition to Dyworks Zomz
    The Craziness of the JINX
    The Raviji ka fluffy
    The bhindi from Dipti!
    The ever nagging apeksha!
    The arre yeh toh easily ho jayega shradhs!
    The After two down VIBHOR
    The super studio team!
    Actually this is now ending up to be EVERYONE!
    But anywho, Thank you for this post, it means a lot to me.